First AT&T, and now Apple sells out!


On June 16, 2010

Seems like it’s Apples turn to sell out of iPhone pre-order inventory. If you now try to order an iPhone on their site, delivery date is July 2nd. Many upset people have posted that they saw the 24th as the delivery date until the credit card was processed and then the date moved into July when the order was completed. I would have been pretty upset if that happened too.


Seems the only way to guarantee one on the 24th now is to stand in line at your local store on launch day!

iPhone 4 Sold Out!



It seems that official word has come from AT&T, that they have sold out of the pre-order quantity of iPhones.  The official statement is…

"Because of the incredible interest in iPhone 4, today was the busiest online sales day in AT&T history.  As of Tuesday afternoon, customers who pre-order iPhone 4 moving forward will receive their device on June 25 or later, depending on when the order is placed.  We’ll email customers with confirmation once their order is placed, and again when it ships.  In addition, we will have devices available on a first-come, first-serve basis in our stores beginning on June 24."

No word on whether Apple sold out in pre-orders yet, but I’m guessing thats coming soon.

iPhone 4 Pre Order is now available


On June 15, 2010

It is 1am PST and for those bleery eyes Apple fans who are waiting to get their name on the list for Apple’s lastest mobile device, the wait is over. Head on over to and put your order in.

iPhone 4 Screen Resolution Sample


On June 14, 2010

Last week Apple concluded their WWDC and many people had the opportunity to get their hands on the new iPhone, some even posted a few images of the upgraded screen, here is one of the better images from Robert Scoble.



The new iPhone 4 can clearly show the text of the New York Times site without the need to zoom into the page, and it definitely is much harder to see any pixels even when you zoom directly into a specific word or letter.  I wonder how long its going to take the other manufacturers to issue phones with the same resolution.


Would a Verizon iPhone Really Be That Great?


On June 11, 2010

All the signs are there.  AT&T increased their early termination fee.  The company increased the cost of a data plan (yes, it could be argued that they decreased it, but most data-heavy users are iPhone users).  It seems pretty obvious that the marriage is ending soon (probably within the next year if/when Verizon gets its LTE network running) and AT&T knows it.

The question is, would we really do that much better with a Verizon iPhone?  In terms of reception, almost certainly.  Verizon could even slap AT&T in the face by keeping an unlimited data plan, although I tend to doubt they will if they get the iPhone.

The trick is, both Verizon and Apple are notorious control freaks.  While such a marriage would benefit both partners, there is the question of who makes money from music, video conferencing, and/or movies.  Obviously, Apple generates their shared funds with developers for apps, and takes their cuts for music from the artists, but what about their new Facetime feature?  Any carrier who’s lowered the bandwidth limits and has additional fees for over usage can start to see Facetime and Video as an obvious way to make a lot more profit from those heavy users of the network.  In fact, if AT&T or Verizon got their networks up to speed, then the carrier should almost encourage users to use Facetime.  Of course they would need to add the ability to use Facetime over 3G (but we know thats coming eventually).  With the new Android phones getting front facing cameras, and Skype already talking about integrating with Facetime, its just a matter of time before every smartphone ends up with a Facetime equivalent.  Hopefully, Apple will be able to make their version the standard so all the various networks could connect with one another when making video calls.

But lets get back to a Verizon iPhone.

The real question is whether Verizon’s infrastructure (again, assuming it’s a brand new LTE network) could handle the data-heavy requirements of a few million new users via the iPhone.  Even though Verizon has better coverage, does it really have the available bandwidth for tens of millions of iPhone users?  If Verizon was smart, they would have started to upgrade their network years ago (since I’m sure Android is also pretty taxing on their systems) and maybe they would be better prepared than AT&T was when it got the first iPhone.  The good news is that such a mass exodus from AT&T would certainly lighten the load on AT&T’s network and likely improve reception overall.

At the end of the day though, I think that any network that added tens of million iphone users to their infrastructure would have probably seen the same difficulty AT&T experienced.  Unfortunately for AT&T that difficulty also tarnished its image quite a bit.

What do you think?  Would a Verizon iPhone be an improvement over AT&T, or would it just be more of the same?

iPhone4 Demo of Video Cam


On June 9, 2010

 It should come as no surprise that there are various YouTube posts showing off the new iPhone front facing camera.  If you haven’t had a chance to find some of the better ones, here is one that was featured on 9to5mac.  We thought this one was worth the 30 seconds to get a feel for the quality of your soon to be new iPhone.


New iPhone and iOS 4 Details!


On June 7, 2010

The long awaited WWDC just ended, and we got all of the juicy details about the latest iPhone and iOS 4!  Steve Jobs did his usual dog and pony show today, and even though we’ve seen the preview from the lost/found iPhone 4, we must admit, this sounds like a major overhaul from the current iPhone.  Without further delay, here are all of the major points…

Over 100 new features, steve said they were covering only 8 since there wasn’t enough time to go over all of them.

Glass on both sides

9.3mm thick, 24% thinner than the current iPhone. 

Mic on bottom, 30 pin connector, and speaker.

Top has headphone jack, second mic for noise cancellation and sleep/wake button.

Stainless steel band around the outside of phone that acts as an antenna for Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, UMTS, and GSM.

Retina Display – Increased pixel density, 4x the number of pixels, 326 ppi. 300 ppi is human limit when held 10-12 inches away.  This makes text look like a fine printed book.

3.5 display with 960×640 resolution.

800:1 contrast ratio with IPS technology for superior color and a wide viewing angle (resolution is better than OLED displays currently on the market).

Apple A4 chip.

New battery with 40% more talk time, 7 hours of talk, 6 hours of 3G browsing, 10 hours of WiFi browsing, 10 hours of video, 40 hours of music, 300 hours of standby.

32GB of local storage

7.2mbit down and 5.8mbit up once carriers support that speed (that will be the day!)

Dual mics.


New Gyroscope with accelerometer providing 6 axis motion sensing.  This is for pitch, roll, and yaw (those flight simulators are about to get much better).

New CoreMotion API for developers to make use of the new Gyro.

New 5 megapixel Camera with backside illuminated sensor and 1.75 micron pixel size in sensor.

5x digital zoom and tap to focus with LED flash.

HD Video recording in 720p at 30fps!

LED flash can stay on during video recording

iMovie for the iPhone.  Looks very similar to desktop version with the ability to edit video, add photos, music, themes, export to 360p, 520p, 720p all on the phone.  Looks like excellent quality.

Camera records GEO locations with videos and images.

Multitasking apps in the background, with automatic folder creation and naming based on the category of apps added to folder.

Bing search engine is 3rd search option, Google stays as the primary one

iOS4 also has many enhancements to email, camera and photo apps, much better enterprise integration and a lot of other new features not mentioned at the keynote.

iBooks is coming to the iPhone, iTouch

PDF files will now have its own shelf like iBooks do on the iPad

iBooks will sync your books with all devices.

iAds now available to developers.  The revenue split is 60% to developers paid via iTunes just like the app store.

 iAds will use browser to show ad, and will not exit the app.

And finally, Video Conferencing!

Support over WiFi between iPhone to iPhone.  Quality looks great, both audio and video!  Apple is calling this "FaceTime".

No Setup, just make a phone call and the video will be available if you want to use it on iPhone to iPhone.

Apple is going to try to make FaceTime an open standard.

Price is going to to $199 for 16GB, $299 for 32GB model (with a 2 year contract).  iPhone 3GS will be $99.

Anyone who’s contract is up in the next 6 months can upgrade now with the subsidy.

iPhone 4 will be in 88 countries by end of September.

On sale June 24th!


Last Chance To Lock In AT&T Unlimited Data for $30


On June 4, 2010

With Monday approaching quickly and AT&T poised to change their pricing on data plans to $15 / month for 200 MB (instead of 250), and $25 / month for 2 GB transfer (instead of $30 for unlimited), today and this weekend is your last chance to lock in the old rate for that iPad or iPhone!

So we thought this might be helpful for you to decide if its really worth it to run out there and grab the current plan!

What do you think?  Are you going to grab the unlimited $30 before its gone?  

Google Offers App Store Searches


On June 3, 2010

Not that this is very surprising to us, but Google has begun to offer app store searches in its mobile search engine.  Not only will it let users search Apple’s iTunes, but also the Android Marketplace.

So far, they haven’t added other App stores to the search results, but if your accessing Google from your iPhone, your able to do a search for any app found in Apples App Store.

The search results will only be available if the search includes the terms "app" or "download" but the results show price, rating, and number of reviews a particular app has received.  Users can also click directly through to make a purchase if you find one you’d like to purchase.

So it seems that when users end up with multiple devices in the future running iPhone OS or other App Store OS’s (Android Tablet?), Google will let you get all your results in one place without going into separate App Stores.

Pretty powerful for Google, since it now will have the ability to make money on ads and keyword placement for Apps.

Apple sells 2 million iPads in 2 months!


On May 31, 2010

Apple released news today that in just two months,they’ve sold 2 million iPads!

It took Apple 28 days to sell the first million, and it seems another month for the next. Apple won’t give any indication of how many were sold in each country, but with another seven countries due to receive their iPad releases in the next few months, we wouldn’t be surprised if they sell over 10 million by the end end of the year.