• Unconfirmed Resolution of 960×480 – since the phone was almost immediately shut off, this is just a guess, so i wouldn’t bet the farm on this one.
  • Front-facing camera – Mobile video conferencing.  Enough said.
  • Flash — It seems that on the back of the phone, the 2nd camera has an LED flash next to it.
  • Micro SIM Card — Since the iPad will have this in their 3G version, I’m not surprised that the phone would too.
  • Updated OS — Since the phone was only turned on for that one night briefly, and the only person who played with it was the customer who found the phone, we can’t be sure, but it seems the phone was running a new OS (was it 4?  or something coming?  Guess we’ll have to wait to find out).

What makes this all so interesting, is that after Gizmodo published their findings this weekend it finally caught Apples attention and the following letter was received by them from Apple.

So at the end of the day, it seems we got an advanced look at whats coming down the pike this summer from Apple.  Wonder if this is going to delay or speed things up!?  I hope the latter.