Some iPhone 4s Will Arrive Early…


On June 22, 2010

Some customers who pre-ordered the iPhone last week are getting e-mail from Apple saying that they will be receiving their iPhone order a day earlier on Wednesday, June 23rd.

"Although Apple and FedEx tracking information may currently indicate a later date, you can check the FedEx website the morning of the June 23 to track your package to your doorstep,"

Apple also asked customer who cannot be at the door to receive the package to sign a pre-authorization delivery option so that the package can be left.

This is something Apple has never done before, but our guess is that the record number of orders they received would be easier to fill over 2 days for FedEx and therefore this was the better way to keep people happy, rather than split the delivery date out 2 days into friday.

I wonder if we’ll be one of the lucky ones?!


iOS4 on the iPod touch 2G, First Thoughts



I took the liberty of downloading and installing iOS4 on my iPod touch 2G last night (despite being one of the lucky people whose iPhone 4 order actually went through) just to have a look at the new OS.  What follows are some thoughts about the experience, particularly since the 2G is the bare minimum requirement to perform the upgrade.

The upgrade went pretty smoothly (unlike some stories I’ve read online) and all my apps appeared in the right places.  Interestingly, some apps that appeared on the home screen such as the clock and calculator are by default put into a folder titled "Utilities".

Multitasking is not an option on this device, so I simply played around with the ability to place apps in folders.  It was pretty easy.  All you have to do is hold your finger down over an icon and drag it to another icon.  The operating system creates the folder for the two apps for you and you simply have to name it.

Some other aspects were different.  I lost my background image of the Mona Lisa (I guess Apple lost the rights to that one) and the Settings layout is slightly different (an Airplane Mode option is the first item shown), but overall the OS is still very intuitive and shouldn’t have a major learning curve for adjustment. 

I did have some problems right after going to iOS4 with my device freezing up, but a reboot took care of that.  Other than that, I have had no problems with slow programs (which was a concern of mine).

When you have an hour or more to spare, I recommend upgrading your iPod touch 2G, its worth the wait.

Gmail on iPad Updated


On June 21, 2010

Google created an iPad formatted version of Gmail when the iPad launched.  Google uses HTML5 to create the 2 column display so that users can see emails on the left, and a larger individual message on the right.

Even though this approach mimics the built in Apple mail approach, users have noted some difficulty in using it to write emails.  Seems like Google was listening, since it now has announced the new full-screen editor for writing emails on the iPad.

The new compose window pops up on top of the existing 2 columns and makes it much easier for users to write email on the iPad.  Google also seems to have fixed a few issues including scrolling long messages.

Google said that they are still working on additional "features" and welcome all comments.  How about an HTML5 based version of the Calendar that works better?!

Best Buy Inventory Leak



iClarified has gotten their hands on iPhone 4 inventory plans for some of the Best Buy locations.  It seems like most stores will be getting between 10 and 70 units.

Unfortunately, these reports don’t give us a breakdown of how many units are going to be held for pre-orders vs. walk in, but we can get a good idea of quantity available in many states.  I  think the original plan for line waiters to go to Apple is probably a good one.

Click "Read More" to see all of the Best Buy reports…

Don’t Waste Your Time At Best Buy On Launch Day!



Looks like Best Buy isn’t getting very many iPhones on launch day.  It seems the company will be calling all the pre-order customers first and set up appointment times for them to come in.  Since Best Buy won’t have exact quantities available to them until this week, they aren’t sure if all the pre-orders will be able to be filled.  

Our suggestion would be to try Apple as the place to get your iPhone if your planning on standing in line, since Apple seems to have a separate supply put aside for walk-in customers.

iOS 4 Available Monday!



Do you have a 3GS or even 3G iphone?  If so, Apple is launching iOS 4 a little early for you (first Gen iPhone users are out of luck).

iOS 4 has over 100 new features for owners of the iPhone 3GS, released last June.  The update includes multitasking and folder organization.  The update is coming ahead of Thursdays iPhone 4 launch probably to help stem the huge load the new users are going to put on the Apple servers once the new phones get out to the anxious hands of their new owners.

What will iOS 4 do for your current iPhone?

iPhone 3G:  The upgrade will work but not with all the features.  Multitasking and Bluetooth keyboard support won’t be available.


iPod Touch: The new features will mostly work with the latest iTouch (one that came out in late 2009), but multitasking will not be available for the iTouches that were released back in 2008.

iPad: Sorry guys, no update here.  iPad gets its own later this year (probably fall).

Other popular features that are being touted in the new iOS are;

iBook store, Multiple E-Mail accounts in one unified inbox, Spell Checker for E-Mail, Custom playlists, and a host of many others that we will get to play with Monday!

Not A Good Sign When Pre-Orders Are Cancelled Without Notice…


On June 20, 2010

Best Buy, the only retailer who accepted orders for the white iPhone has run into some problems it seems. According to MacRumors, it seems that some customers are getting calls from Best Buy retailers explaining that Best But wouldn’t be able to fulfill their orders due to a manufacturing delay.

Also, some readers reported that their iPhone 4 pre-orders from Apple were cancelled. No one emailed or called those users about the change on their order status, and this is for customers who received email confirmations and had holds placed on their credit cards for the iPhones. Some of those cancellations are occurring because the customers didn’t accept AT&T’s terms and conditions, or at least thats what their being told.

I guess it’s line time for more people now…


Is That iPhone You Pre-Ordered Really Waiting for You?


On June 17, 2010

This wouldn’t be the first time, and definitely not the last, but it seems that Best Buy has gone to the legal giberish in their fine print to say this…

“If you have an existing pre-order, it will still be valid. We have stopped all pre-orders due to the demand and inventory concerns. Still, proper expectations need to be set. A pre-order does not guarantee a phone on launch day and this is clearly stated on all pre-order flyers and documentation. It is simply a way of queuing our inventory whenever the store gets their quantities of iPhone 4 inventory. If your place in the pre-order queue is higher than the inventory received for launch, your pre-order will roll over to the second shipment and so on.

That being said, if you pre-ordered early you have a fairly strong chance of getting the phone on launch day. You will hear from the store a few days before launch to schedule an appointment. We will have a better understanding of what inventory we can expect to receive from Apple for launch day around the 22nd or 23rd. So, I encourage everyone to wait until you hear from your store before making assumptions.”

So the question really stands, if your one of the 600,000+ people who pre-ordered the new iPhone, and you got the email notice saying that your welcome to come to the store, will you really be walking into a store and get one without hanging around on the line around the block?

A few users have emailed us and said that they called their stores where the pre-order was scheduled to be picked up and found out that the store didn’t have their name on the list.  So now with the delivery date looming in mid July for new pre-orders, they think its better to camp out to get one on launch day.  I don’t know about you, but we’ve done our fair share of getting up early only to hang around for a few more hours for our Edge, 3G, 3GS, and iPad’s, and I think this time will end up being no different.

Our suggestion?  Don’t camp out (unless you write for a popular iPhone blog that needs the latest and greatest iPhone), call the store you pre-ordered from for pick up and double check your name is on their list, then keep the name of the person who confirmed it on your own list and take that with you!

Apple Sells 600,000+ iPhone 4


On June 16, 2010

Over 600,000 pre-orders were taken in by Apple and its partners yesterday for the new iPhone.  AT&T said it was 10 times the amount of pre-orders as it experienced last year for the 3GS.  Because of such high demand, Apple, Radio Shack, and AT&T all suspended their pre-orders until they can fulfill the current pre-order backlog.

“It was the largest number of preorders Apple has ever taken in a single day and was far higher than we anticipated, resulting in many order and approval system malfunctions,” Apple said. “Many customers were turned away or abandoned the process in frustration. We apologize to everyone who encountered difficulties and hope that they will try again or visit an Apple or carrier store once the iPhone 4 is in stock.”

600,000 is more than twice the number of iPads sold over the launch weekend and it seems more than any of the partners and Apple expected to get, not only did the servers get a workout, it seems now that the shipping and packaging departments will as well! 

AT&T Suspends Online iPhone Sales!



AT&T posted a message early this morning letting consumers know that "Pre-orders for iPhone temporarily suspended."  It seems that they are unable to keep up with demand and therefore halted the sales of Apple’s latest phone.

There is no word yet when they will be resuming sales.