How To See All of your App's Reviews from Every App Store


On January 22, 2009

If you have an app on the App Store, you might be intrigued as to the reviews and average ratings you’ve received from the various country-specific app stores all around the world. Moopf comes to the rescue with App Store Review Scraper. It does exactly what it says in the title. It queries each store […]

Alocola: Mobile Orchard's Safari Helper: Makes Websites "Location Aware"


On January 21, 2009

Alocola is a free web-helper application that we’ve created that lets users provide their location information when websites ask for it. It is available from the App Store now. Alocola works with Safari. With Alocola, web developers need not create their own iPhone apps. Users simply browse in Safari the way they normally would; when […]

From ActionScript to Cocoa / Objective C


On January 16, 2009

Andy Jacobs is an established Flash and ActionScript developer who has recently begun to work with the iPhone. In the process of learning Objective C and Cocoa’s ways, he’s put together a handful of extremely well written tutorial blog posts aimed specifically at people who understand ActionScript and want to learn how to migrate over […]

Improving OpenGL ES Performance on the iPhone


On January 15, 2009

Brad Larson notes that Core Animation – Apple’s framework for hardware-accelerated animation – is built on top of OpenGL. Core Animation is typically used for 2D animations and effects, but Brad noted that: [..] I realized that this layering meant that some of Core Animation’s functions could be used for more than just 2-D view […]

Implementing Multiple Row Selection in a UITableView


On January 12, 2009

Matt Gallagher of CocoaWithLove has put together a tutorial (with included source archive) demonstrating how to implement multiple row selection and editing functionality in a UITableView. By default UITableView only supports single row selection, but Matt shows a way to detect single selections and store them collectively so you can show the multiple selection status […]

CSSiPhone: Inspiration for your iPhone Web App Designs


On December 4, 2008

CSSiPhone is a new site that presents iPhone-format screenshots of iPhone-tailored sites. It follows in the vein of the hundreds of “CSS gallery” and other screenshot sites, but with the twist that it’s dedicated to the iPhone. I’ve personally found the regular CSS gallery sites very useful for getting design inspiration, and if you’re developing […]

Sharing Compiled Code: Building Static Libraries in XCode for the iPhone


On December 3, 2008

Due to the potential for abuse, dynamic libraries aren’t allowed to be used in iPhone applications that are to be sold on the iPhone App Store. The downside to this is that it makes it harder to share libraries that you develop with other developers without giving up the code. It’s not impossible to share […]

How Much Are Contracted iPhone Developers Earning? $100-200 Per Hour


On November 30, 2008

Last week, Raven Zachary wrote Turning Ideas into iPhone Applications, a post about the “significant gap between individuals with ideas and those who are actually capable of turning the ideas into iPhone applications.” Zachary notes that the supply of iPhone developers is significantly lower than the demand – primarily because the iPhone is still a […]

Google Using Undocumented iPhone API Features


On November 21, 2008

John Gruber has written about how Google’s Mobile App is using “private iPhone APIs” to access proximity sensor information. While using Google’s app, you can place the phone to your ear to initiate an audio search. It’s a nifty feature, but: [T]he only thing apps can do with the proximity sensor is turn it on […]

Beware of the App Store Gold Rush


On November 16, 2008

Now that the App Store has reached the ripe old age of four months, it’s finally become possible to analyze what’s going on – which price points are popular, how people are “gaming” the system, how to properly title your apps, and so on. Naturally, the blogosphere has been on the ball and some interesting […]