How It Was Made – Plethora


On January 31, 2011

After nine months of after-hours work, I released Plethora for iPhone in June 2010. Plethora is a design gallery that is powered by over 90 of the world’s top design blogs. All of the posts are manually curated by our team so that only the best designs make it through to the actual app. I […]

iPad App Marketing Case Study: Flickpad


On January 25, 2011

Chad Podoski develops apps for the iPad and is the founder of Shacked. His first app is called Flickpad, a great looking app that interfaces with Flickr. You can read our interview with Chad here. Getting your app noticed in the iTunes App Store is a monumental task. With 330,000+ iPhone apps and 60,000+ iPad […]

Timing is Everything: How to Get More iPhone App Sales from Day One


On January 18, 2011

Guest writer Matthew Palmer is the founder of the website Marketing Your App, which offers iPhone developers resources and services to get new customers and profit from their apps. He is an experienced online marketer for the technology industry, having created successful marketing campaigns for companies such as IBM and Intel. How is your new […]

Building a great user experience for your app


On December 9, 2010

Expectations for a good user experience in mobile apps is higher than ever. Apple has set the bar high with their built-in apps on the iPhone and iPad, and many independent developers have followed suit to deliver the best user experience possible. The astronomical download numbers of these apps are poof positive that good UX […]

Some Tidbits on Mobile Application Development


On November 1, 2010

Are you a newbie planning to try your hand at mobile application development? I know it can be very daunting especially if you do not have advanced knowledge of any particular development platform or don’t know which language to concentrate upon. In my search for some basic information on this area, here’s what I came […]

Using App Gifting for Promotion


On March 29, 2010

Natalia Luckyanova, half of iPhone Gaming’s cutest couple, wrote to share their experience giving away 1000 copies of Harbor Master using the new Gift-This capability of the App Store. Here’s what she had to say, emphasis added by me: We decided to try a mass giveaway to see how gifting really works. We gave away […]

Apple Adds "Gift This App"


On March 22, 2010

Last October, I wrote a piece prodding Apple to add Gift This App capabilities — similar to the existing “Gift This Song” — to the App Store. Now, according to this TUAW story, you can! This is going to be big. Expect to see a raft of clever promotional uses of this capability.

Cult Of Mac Monday Promo-Code Giveaways


On March 10, 2010

The popular Apple fanboi site Cult Of Mac wants to trade you promotional codes for visibility. More specifically, they’re building a regular Monday promo code giveaway feature and are looking for app devs/publishers to volunteer some codes. They’ve got a respectable 6,000 Twitter followers and around 2,400 Facebook fans. Zealots are valuable in word-of-mouth campaigns. […]

Funding App Development With Wholesale Sales


On March 3, 2010

I love App Store marketplace hacks. Here’s a new one: appbackr provides app developers with cash up front to develop their apps. The cash comes from wholesale buyers who pay a discounted rate for the app before it’s built and then recoup the full amount when the units they purchased are sold in the App […]