6 Mistakes to avoid when designing an iOS App icon


On April 19, 2013

Even the most amazing iOS App doesn’t stand a chance of becoming successful if the icon is poorly designed. There are certain things that are vital to remember when creating an iOS icon, truth is you can apply these tips when creating any icon whether it be for iOS, Android, Mac or Windows systems. We have […]

10 must read books for iOS App developers


On March 11, 2013

Everyone knows that if you want to survive in the world of iOS development you need to be up-to-date with the latest trends and developments. We have asked long time app developers to share with us their favorite resources. So below is a list of ten books that all iOS App Developers should read, whether […]

Roadmap to becoming an iOS app developer


On March 7, 2013

The notion of taking an idea from the drawing board to the App Store can sometime be very daunting, therefore we have decide to create a small road map that will guide you through the most important steps of App Development. Perhaps one of the biggest reasons why people don’t make their dreams of creating […]

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Getting Reviews On Top Blogs


On February 26, 2013

The guys at App Design Vault have put together a great Infographic on how to get app reviews on top blogs. What many designers forget is that submitting your app to the App store is only the first step. If you want more than 2 downloads a day, you will have to get the word […]

4 Reasons why Marketers Need to Earn Trust with LBS Apps or They'll Push Users Away


On February 14, 2013

Do you ever get that feeling when your phone is giving you a strange look? Social media has exploded and it’s still going and going and it’s not stopping anytime soon. Geotags are on everyone’s lips. 2013 is ripe for the taking for those in the mobile business adventure. Marketers say more ad spending. Developers […]

How To Sell More Apps With Google Adwords


On December 18, 2012

Discovery in the app store is a tough nut to crack, right? Icon design. App store SEO. Search listings. Chart position. You know these tools. You know how competitive it can get. App store promotion is hard work. But there is another promotional method. It’s not as popular. It’s not as competitive But it has been delivering astounding […]

Pre-marketing Your App


On June 26, 2012

When you launch your app, those first few days are the most important. Thats when you’ll get the most exposure, you’ll appear high up in the “newly released” lists, people will want to write about you, and heck you might even get featured if you’re lucky. That’s great and all, but if you wait until […]

Quality Assurance vs Quality Control – How Agile Methodology Strikes the Right Balance.


On April 11, 2012

This is a guest post by Juri Vasylenko of Ramotion – one of the most skilled interface design and icons creation studios out there. As our company Ramotion, have developed our first few applications using Agile Methodology, we have realized it is not enough to be proactive about quality control to get a quality product. The first step […]

INFOGRAPHIC: Top 32 Resources A Mobile App Developer Should Know About


On January 7, 2012

Here’s a very cool infographic for all you mobile development freaks out there from iPhone App Design: Copy this to Embed the Infographic on your site: [Source: iPhone App Design] This post was sponsored by Agiliq.com, They do Android app development. If you think they forgot something please add the links in the comments.

Mobile App Development Best Practices


On December 5, 2011

The differences in how the traditional web and mobile web run drastically influence a mobile application’s efficiency. Mobile phones are constrained by networks, which have limited bandwidth and high latency, and battery life. By conducting a series of mobile app tests, researchers at AT&T have found that certain architectural designs unique for mobile devices that […]