6 Tips To Get Your App Noticed


On May 13, 2009

Brian Akaka (email) is the Founder/CEO of Appular, an iPhone app marketing and PR agency. Brian was Director/Marketing at Freeverse, where he helped sell millions of apps, including two of the Top-10 paid apps in Apple’s “One Billionth App” promotion. Longtime readers will remember our Five Tips For Getting iPhone Reviews post from early this […]

The id Type and Protocols


On May 12, 2009

Editor’s note: I recently bumped into a bit of Objective-C syntax that was unfamiliar to me. The code was in this form: id<SomeProtocol> variableName = [someObject someMessage] I’d never seen a protocol paired with an id type. I asked Paul Cantrell about it and he prepared this:

Interview With Joe Hewitt, Creator Of Facebook’s iPhone App, The Three20 Project And Facebook Connect For iPhone


On May 11, 2009

Joe Hewitt, well known as the creator of the popular web development tool Firebug, has spent the last year or more heads down in iPhone land. He’s the creator of Facebook’s popular iPhone app, the Three20 Project and Facebook Connect for iPhone. The Three20 Project (previously covered here) is an expansive, open-source collection of UI […]

Best Of Stack Overflow For iPhone Devs


On May 6, 2009

Stack Overflow is a remarkable site. Billed as a “collaboratively edited question and answer site for programmers” it manages, through a clever hybrid of wiki-style collaborative writing and a reputation system, to be actually helpful. Stack Overflow has a treasure trove of iPhone, Objective-C and Xcode related material. It’s a great place to pick up […]

5 Free iPhone Dev Screencasts


On May 5, 2009

Mike Clark of the Pragmatic Studio has released five free iPhone programming screencasts, with more scheduled to be released on a semi-weekly basis. So far the collection includes: Refactoring: Rename Wiring Up Outlets and Actions Adding Photos to the iPhone Simulator Application Icon Custom Table Cells in Interface Builder

OCUnit: Integrated Unit Testing In Xcode


On May 4, 2009

Guest author Kailoa Kadano (Profile) is a full-time iPhone developer and entrepreneur. Kailoa’s experience ranges from embedded systems to python web development. He currently resides near Santa Cruz, California. When the original iPhone SDK was released it lacked unit testing capabilities. Third-party solutions were adapted or created to fill the gap. However, in the interim, […]

Lessons In iPhone Game Marketing


On April 27, 2009

There’s a lot to be learned about marketing an iPhone game from the story of Dapple as told by its creator Owen Goss (Profile) of Streaming Colour Studios. In March, Owen made headlines with “The Numbers Post” in his blog; summary: Dapple cost $32K to build;$535 first month’s revenues. In this podcast interview, Owen talks […]

Three Keyboard-Tweak Tutorials


On April 23, 2009

For the longest time, I had this lonely single item on customizing the on-screen keyboard on the iPhone sitting in my potential story ideas file. A week or so ago I saw that Matt Gallagher posted a clever keyboard related trick. And then today, Luzian Scherrer sent me a link to a how-to he had […]

Twenty Terrific — A Reviews Revelation


On April 22, 2009

In The User Review Tipping Point, Elia Freedman observes that sales for their app steadily climbed after achieving 20 App Store reviews. Elia connected the dots between 20 App Store reviews and research published in The Economist (as excerpted in Lightspeed Venture Partner’s blog) on how reviews stimulate sales conversion. Quoting the Economist: Research shows […]

Getting Ready For 3.0: Undo/Redo


On April 20, 2009

The copy-and-paste demo in Apple’s public iPhone 3.0 preview event demonstrated “shake to undo” and “shake to redo” capabilities at around the hour-and-six-minute mark in the presentation video. While we can’t know with certainty what Apple’s plans for undo/redo on the iPhone will be until 3.0 leaves beta, we can infer some clues from their […]