How to Design Cool Looking Apps That Sell


On November 22, 2011

The App Store Top 10 list…. that is one list you might sell your first-born child to be on, right? But those guys that made it to the list do not have special powers. Not at all. One of the secret weapons used by Top App Developers is…. Design. Why Developers Do not Make Use […]

7 Ways to Have a Top Grossing App – How 4 Apps did it


On November 7, 2011

With almost half a million apps in the App Store, the Gold Rush is officially over. 90% of the revenue made on the app Store is made by 10% of the apps on the App store. What are the secrets of the 10%? They must be doing something right, after all they are not super-heroes. […]

Screen Brightness and Its Effect on Battery Life


On October 27, 2011

As many people know, the screen is the greatest power draw on today’s touchscreen handsets. Did you know that you can control the amount of battery your device uses by simply changing the color of the background of your screen? Doug Sillars from the AT&T Developer Program tested the power draw after 240 minutes on […]

Mobile App Design Kit only $77 instead of $199


On October 13, 2011

Why are your apps still UGLY? “I don’t have cash to spend on hiring a designer.” “If I had some cool templates or themes to work from I’d be all set.” “I don’t want to hire a designer. I’d rather learn to do it myself!” Well good news. It is for these reasons the Mobile […]

Guest Post: Thinking Inside the App: Five Tips to Successful Mobile Application Management


On September 14, 2011

Mobile tech in an enterprise used to be relatively simple.  Companies relying on a mobile workforce would typically outfit their employees with company-provided cell phones, PDA’s, etc.  They were sturdy, secure, easily controlled and managed by the corporation, and – when bought in bulk – cost-effective. Then Steve Jobs had to go and introduce the […]

Automatically Track App Sale Referrals


On September 13, 2011

Michael Tyson is an independent iOS developer, and runs a small artisan software development business called A Tasty Pixel. He’s passionate about creating outstanding user experiences, and spends his days sweatin’ the details from his mobile office, a motorhome called Nettle in which he and his partner are spending a few years exploring Europe. Think […]

AppifyWP WordPress Theme Gets an Update plus Giveaway!


On September 1, 2011

AppifyWP, a WordPress theme designed to promote your iPhone, iPad, Android, and Mac apps, has been updated to version 2.0. This update includes many requested features such as multi-platform support, portrait/landcape orientations, and a revamped settings page to quickly configure your site. Check out the demo site and the video to see what’s behind the […]

Mobile Call Management


On August 18, 2011

Communications are more sophisticated than ever these days, which can be great for business. Making sure everyone in the office had a fully functional phone with all the necessary features, ones that allowed each employee to connect with whichever calls were required, used to be a massive undertaking before VoIP came along. That innovation allowed […]

Improving Your App Store Rating


On August 16, 2011

Lets face it, 80% of the apps out there are garbage. They either don’t solve a problem well, they were poorly built, or just don’t work at all. These apps deserve bad public ratings and don’t belong anywhere on the app store charts. Then there’s the other 20% that are backed by passionate designers and […]

Optimizing Your Tutorial – How to Introduce Currency in a Virtual Economy


On July 19, 2011

You can have 20 million users download you freemium application, but if only 2 of them spend more than 30 seconds in your app you have a problem! This week we will look at the ways currency can be introduced and the best way to introduce users to your games virtual economy. Dad to son: […]