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ConnectDots – Review


On April 12, 2009

When Julia Turner at Think Graphics asked me to review the ConnectDots app for the iPhone and iPod Touch I quickly downloaded it and went straight to work. I did not find directions or guidance when I opened the app but was immediately presented with16 black and white outlines- think coloring book pages. I selected one and started to connect the dots with my fingers. I realized my actions were not mirrored by the program. The lines were drawn with just my touch to the picture, much easier for little fingers, but a bit disappointing to me (can you say perfectionist). Once all lines were complete the green dots disappear and it was time to create my first masterpiece. I could hardly wait!

Jennifer Is Back In Touch…


On March 5, 2009

Hello again, I am back and hopefully to stay this time. Unfortunately my laptop did the final crash and burn. I then attempted to post from my Touch and sneeking in time to  write while working.  Neither option worked very well for me, so I put my blogging on hold until I replaced my beloved laptop.

I am here to report that I am the proud recipient of a MacBook Pro, on loan from Wayne. He said he would buy a new one for himself if I asked nicely. I never asked and yet the gadgetaholic bought one anyone- what a guy! I can’t and won’t complain as I was granted gaurdian-ship over his 1 year old MacBook Pro.

This is a wonderful thing…..however, I have always been a Windows user and not a confident one at that. I am not computer savvy and not very knowledgeable when it comes down to it.

Before I begin I must do a few things;
      a. Learn to navigate a Mac
      b. Get over my fear of trying something new-in the gadget/tech world
      c. (Most relevant for WOiP…) Reset my iTouch to factory conditions and sync to the MacBook!

Jennifer’s iPod Touch – What Do I Need?


On February 18, 2009

Hello Fellow Touch and iPhone Users, 

I am in a bit of a quandry and looking for some help from all of you.

Anyone that haa read my previous posts know that I am a bit challenged by the technology and the conplexities of the iTouch, well all technology actually.  At last posting I was struggling with the process of syncing my contacts from YAHOO to my iTouch.  I tried so hard I managed to bring my laptop to a grinding halt, but was unable to complete the sync process.  I gave up that dream and lost the use of my laptop.  I then wrote my last poston iTouch.  It is doable, but definitely much more challenging.

It is time consuming and I find the screen size is limiting as well.

After writing the post on my iTouch I decided that I needed to use my laptop for speed and accuracy and the well being of my eye sight.  So this past weekend I put much time and effort into repairing my laptop so I could log-on and resume posting on a regular basis.  After chaging out memory, resetting the laptop to factory condition and slowly adding the basic programs my computer came equipped with my laptop died! It will not even boot up now.

Peekaboo Barn – Review


On February 6, 2009

By: Night

Version: 1.0

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Date: 2008-12-18

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Jennifer’s Touch – Can I get there from here?


On January 21, 2009

Happy Day After Inauguration Day everyone…….  When I last posted I was a bit frustrated with the authorization process between my laptop and iTunes account so I asked for some help.  I received wonderful directions from swimforlife9.  I printed out the step by step directions, posted in the my comments section, so I would have it handy when I sat down to finish the task. I will admit I was a bit scared.  The idea of not succeeding with the worlds simplest directions, and having to admit to all of you,  caused me to lag.

Let me give you a little insight as to why this took my so long to accomplish!  At the same time I was also testing out a new preschool game for review and wanted to include photos in my write up- a big step for me.

Jennifer’s iPod Touch – Now that was (NOT) easy!


On January 15, 2009

I have attempted to write this umpteen times already, and just can’t come up with the best way to word it! No matter how I write it, I look like the technical idiot that I really am!  So be prepared, this is funny, so go ahead and laugh!

In my previous posts and again here I have declared my lack of knowledge to you, but I truly don’t think some of you either

a. believe me  
or  b. can’t imagine how little I really do know about all this 

(Note: Jennifer did NOT create this image.)

So when I tell you about my latest little adventure it will be perfectly clear that I really have a long way to go.

Jennifer’s iPod Touch – To Buy Or Not To Buy


On January 12, 2009

I ALMOST purchased an iPHONE yesterday!  Yes, you read that right!

I do LOVE my Pink Katana II, but the SPRINT Sero fair and flexible plan  is (IMHO)awesome but does not give me enough minutes. I run out of anytime minutes each month.  I have unlimited nights and weekends but these are not helpful for work.  If  I could stay within my minutes I would have a glorious $30 phone bill for 500 minutes, with unlimited text, data, mobile to mobile and nights and weekend calls too.  But I am now paying, on average, $100 a month because of over-usage on minutes.   When I inquired about increasing my minutes the options were not so positive.  My bill would jump to $100.00 and I would not get unlimited texts. So I started thinking that it is a good time as any to  upgrade to a smartphone.

Jennifer’s iPod Touch Adventure: 1st Call For Help


On January 10, 2009

They say admitting you have a problem is the first step, so I guess seeking help for the declared problem is step two? Having very little computer knowledge and even less confidence in my abilities I find it hard to believe I am writing for this or any tech related site. But I am hoping this is the beginning of what is to become the "best education" the web can offer!

Yesterday my wonderful (usually) children and I enjoyed the greatly anticipated, by the children, snow day! I had my sites on a laundry list of chores I wanted to do on my bonus day off.  Exciting things like taking down the Christmas tree, cleaning a closet and their bedrooms, preparing my lesson plans for next week, dishes, and laundry just to name a few. 

My children thought it would be a good day to fight over everything.  My solution?  I quickly offered one child my laptop and the other my Touch. Bothdevices  offer a great many games and the ability to occupy the darlings for a while. I don’t want you to get the impression that I did not want to spend some time with the kids.  That too was part of my list, but I had things to do first. 
My daughter opted for the Touch, and immediately searched the applications store and before long wanted to download a game or 3. I still regret showing her that little trick a few nights ago, but desperate times call for deperate measures.

Jennifer’s Excellent (iPod Touch) Adventure… part 2


On January 9, 2009

Editorial Note: When last we left Jennifer she was getting ready to cut the cord and go off on her in regard to setting up and using her iPod Touch.

On December 31st my iPod and I were sent packing from Wayne’s Mac to my Dell. For those of you that are as new to this world as I am that means I ,once again, had a brand new iTouch. It was reset to factory condition with only the initial applications on it.

I must begin from scratch setting it up from my home base and researching the applications, adding them and testing them.  I will share what I miss, my latest finds and my successes and failures. I never say NO to a challenge, but may procrastinate or complain a little about it.

Jennifer’s Excellent (iPod Touch) Adventure… part 1


On January 8, 2009

Editorial Note- One of our newest contributors — Jennifer — has been using an iPod Touch for a few months. She loves it. Thus far, however, she has had the help of her significant other, Wayne Schulz of Gear Diary. Wayne has set up her device, advised her on which applications to use, and generally has been Jennifer’s IT person for everything iPod Touch-related.

That’s all changed. Jennifer has formated her Touch and she’s all alone. She’ll have to figure out which applications to use and how best to use them, without Wayne’s help. When Jennifer does have a question she’ll have one of two options — search the Internet or… ask you.

Here’s Jennifer’s first post…

Did you recently receive an iPod Touch or iPhone? If so, I would like to invite you to join me on my latest adventure……  exploring the wonderful and somewhat confusing (to me) world of the iPod Touch.

Let me begin by introducing myself.  My name is Jennifer and I am a self proclaimed technological idiot!  I have very little knowledge of anything electronic or tech-oriented unless it is a kitchen timer or a childrens toy! I am a mom of 2 wonderful (usually) children ages 12 and 7 and the Director of an Preschool  in Connecticut.

Until last year I had a dinosaur of a pc and a very simple and free cell phone from AT&T.  About a year a go my boyfriend Wayne convinced me to buy a new cell phone and give my old one a proper burial.  I bought a fabulous pink Katana II and I do love it. It is no iPhone or smart phone but it is great for me.  Little did I know you could check email and surf the web from a cell phone, but the camera was the best surprise.
For Christmas last year he gave me an iPod Nano and the Nike training chip because I had set a crazy goal of running a half marathon (which I did in October). He loaded the music and the Nike info, he even tracked my training miles.  I still have no idea how to do this either. For some of you this all comes naturally and for others, like me, we struggle with it.