App Update: Note2Self


On August 22, 2008

WebIS has now released an updated version of their easy-to-use audio recorder Note2Self. Nore2Self makes it easy to quickly record a voice note, save it and/or automatically send it to any email address without needing to push a single button.

This new version, 1.11, brings the following improvements-

-Location Tagging
-Shake recording
-Note naming and reordering

I make use of reQall and Evernote all the time but find that for voice notes over 30 seconds long the best and easiest app is, by far, Note2Self.

Our initial review can be found here.

Celebrate Our Two Month Anniversary- Sena Case Giveaway Ends Tonight



Tonight at 9pm eastern time we will be giving away three beautiful Sena cases for the iPhone 3G. These are among the nicest, best built cases available for the iPhone 3G and they might be yours for the comment.

It is simple to enter the random drawings-

To win the WalletSkin, add a comment to any post. (Each comment, up to a total of five, will be considered an individual entry.)

To win the Pouch, go to the forums and add a comment telling us your favorite app so far and why. (Only one entry per person please.)

To win the Dockable go to the forums and add a comment telling us which app has been the biggest let down and why. (Only one entry per person please.)

The three winners will be selected randomly, one for each case.

In order to win you must-
Be registered on the site (so we can contact you)
Include your name with your post (ditto)
Be within the continental USA.



Dumb But Fun – Coconut Horse



What is this app??? If you have to ask it must mean you never saw Monty Python and The Holy Grail or Spamalot.

If so, there is a huge gap in your modern cultural experience that can, thankfuly, be easily remedied. All you need to do is run, don’t walk, and go buy or rent the movie. (Or you could always stay where you are and Google it.)

Coconut Horse is a one trick pony (yes, pun intended) that falls into the same camp as More Cow Bell. It picks up on one of the running gags in Holy Grail (one of the all-time best comedies) by creating the virtual sound of a coconut horse which was how, in the movie, they created the virtual sound of a real live horse. The thing here is that the sound is created via the accelerometer move the phone up and down and it creates the sound. Start the app and put the iPhone it in your pocket and walk around and you get the sound. Get it? Fun but dumb and it gets old in about six seconds.

So what other apps can be drawn from the all-time great comedies?

Quick Take: The “Watch It Change” Stand



The other day I did a review of Watch It Change, a neat little app for creating stop motion movies with your iPhone.

In my initial tests I really liked it but found that no matter how steady I tried to hold it the slight movements of my hand got in the way. I tried resting it on the table but that wasn’t perfect either.

I noticed that Watch It Change offers an Animation Stand. The purpose of it is to

make it simple to film stop-motion animations with your iPhone and the Watch It Change application that is available on iTunes.

I ordered one and it came today.

Love iPhone Wallpaper? Give Endless Walls A Look!


On August 21, 2008

I’ve never been one to worry all that much about the wallpaper I use on my iPhone. Every now and then I change it but, overall, I tend to be inclined toward the simplist image possible, if not to an actual solid color.

Others, though, seem to put a great deal of emphasis on it. In fact, I now of at least two people who jailbroke their first generaiton iPhones last year primarily because they wanted to be able to customize not just the wallpaper but also the look of the springboard. For them there is a neat little $2 app called Endless Walls. It doesn’t do springboard customization but the wallpaper selection can’t be beat.

Jott Out Of Beta- Jott for iPhone Still Free To All



While I recently began using reQall on a regular basis, Jott has been a central part of my workflow for the past two years. The ability to make a call, speak for 15 seconds and either receive a transcription back or send it to someone else has been a key productivity tool for me. Best of all, it was entirely free.

Well, as they say, all good things must come to an end. To a large extent, that is what happened with Jott yesterday when it left "Beta".

App Updates: Local Eats




We reviewed Local Eats the other day and were quite taken with it. If you are going to be eating out in one of the USA’s 50 major cities and you like good food, this is a "must have" on your iPhone or iPod touch.

Not only does it help figure out where to eat, but it makes contacting the restaurant or finding your way there as simple as tapping the iPhone’s screen.

Tonight’s update enhances performance (I didn’t find it all that laggy to begin with ) It also adds what they are referring to as "NEW COMMUNITY FEATURES". Although the actual restaurants are picked by an excellent panel (and they did an awesome job from what I can tell) you will now find user comments and be able to share your own.



Quick Take- Audi A4 Driving Challenge: OK Game, Excellent Ad



I have to hand it to Audi- creating a driving game, making it free and advertising the A4 the entire time. Who needs "product placement" when the entire app IS the placement. Brilliant!

In a manner that is increasingly familiar, the A4 Driving Challenge has you hold the iPhone in landscape and uses the iPhone’s accelerometer to steer the car through a series of 5 unique courses. In this game, however, accelerating and braking are done on-screen using the "gas" and "brake" pedals. Interestingly, as the description notes, "When braking the car’s steering response improves. Use this…"

New Arrivals Of Note: LinkedIn for iPhone



Yet one more example of the iPhone becoming an increasingly important tool for mobile professionals- LinkedIn for iPhone.

The new LinkedIn app was just released this afternoon. It allows you to

-search your contact information

-learn about people before you meet them

-keep up to date with your network


The app is free and is available now on the App Store.

iPhone App Preview – The Tag Show


On August 20, 2008

Yesterday we shared news of a key update coming to reQall in the next week or so. Today we have a sneak peak at an app currently awaiting approval for release on the App Store- The Tag Show from Dove Valley Apps.

By now anyone using an iPhone has likely run a slideshow of pictures taken either on, or transfered to, their iPhone. There are, however a bazillion (that IS the technical way to say "a boatload") images floating around the web these days.

The Tag Show makes it possible to use those images to create your own custom slideshow based upon the tags you choose. For example, if you select "cars" as your tag, the app will begin a slideshow of car images from a variety of web services. Using "Corvette" gives a more specific slideshow of images tagged with Corvette.