iPhone For Fitness- Listen In To The PeterK Show Today At 3pm EST.


On July 24, 2008

Today at 3pm The PeterK Show on Blogtalk Radio will be dedicated entirely to using the iPhone and iPod Touch for fitness.

Listen and/or Call in for some tips on integrating your iPhone into your fitness routine.

There are currently 30 apps in the iTunes App Store that are listed under Health and Fitness and that number is growing daily. Add to that the food and diet-related items in other parts of the App Store and you begin to see how powerful a lifestyle device the iPhone and iPod Touch is becoming.

Elana posted the first of what will be many reviews on such apps earlier in the week and PeterK of PeterKFitness will bring his years of exerience and expertise to reviewing fitness apps, as well.

Mobile Blogging Is Now Truly Mainstream


On July 22, 2008

Typepad was front and center when 3rd Party apps were first announced for the iPhone and iPod Touch. 

Mobile blogging truly went mobile and mainstream tonight with the release of the WordPress for iPhone Open Source application. 

The free WordPress for iPhone app is 

robust but simple to use

It enables the creation and editing of WordPress blogs and allows bloggers to save posts as drafts, mark them for later review or post them directly.

WordPress for iPhone means that iPhone blogging has truly arrived.

Why are we most excited about WordPress for iPhone though????

Kids Say The Darndest (iPhone-Related) Things!


On July 21, 2008

We were visiting friends at their country house last night and I decided to see how their six year old daughter responded to some of the more "kid-friendly" iPhone apps (translation- I let her think she was playing with my iPhone when, in reality, she was actually helping me write some upcoming app reviews).

Anyhow… she was on her third app (yup, she is an awesome little reviewer).

I had to run inside the house for a minute. When I returned the following exchange was related to me…



eReader Tip Of The Day- Word/Phrase Hunt



Today’s eReader tip is a simple, but useful one…

Say you lost your place in a book but you remember part or all of the last sentence…

Say you read a beautiful paragraph and you want to share it to someone but you just can’t remember where it was. You do, however, remember an unusual word or phrase the author used…

In both cases simply use the built-in search feature to quickly and easily find the word or phrase you seek.

To use…

Twitter Us!


On July 20, 2008

We are "WhatsOniPhone"

eReader Tip Of The Day- Vocabulary Builder



The more I use eReader on the iPhone and iPod Touch the more I like it.

As I posted yesterday, the folks at eReader/Fictionwise were quite forthcoming about the fact that they chose to get eReader out the door and available on the App Store immediately even though it meant releasing a somewhat limited version NOW. 

A good call.

Well… I started reading James Patterson’s new book Sail and was pleased to discover one piece of functionality they didn’t leave out of the initial release- "word look up".

1Password Coming To iPhone!


On July 19, 2008

While we are talking about electronic wallets for the iPhone and iPod Touch there is one other upcoming option that will likely be worth consideration.

I have been using 1Password since I made the move to Mac last August and I swear by it. It is useful, well-conceived and constantly updated. I would NOT own a Mac without having installed it and I have recommended it to everyone I have prompted to "Switch" (12 and climbing!).

Word is that 1Password for iPhone has been submitted to Apple and is simply waiting for approval. It should be available by next week. 

While I have not yet seen the application, the description of it is amazing! Clearly they have built the app from the ground up. Recognizing that an iPhone/iPod Touch is used differently than a desktop (for example turned on and off frequently) they have reconsidered all aspects of it and come up with some excellent solutions.

eWallet vs SplashID : Head to Head



SplashData’s SplashID electronic wallet program (left) was available on the first day of the iTunes App Store, beating ilium’s just released eWallet (right) to the punch. Now that both are out and available, though, how do they compare?

Both are longstanding favorites among the Windows Mobile community.

Both protect your data with a high level of encryption.

Both offer the flexibility to organize and protect a wide-range of information.

Both cost $9.99 in the App Store.

Sounds like a toss-up right? Not so fast.

Evernote Update In The Works!!


On July 18, 2008

I love Evernote and use it all the time.

BUT… as I wrote earlier in the week I was underwhealmed and disappointed by the initial release of Evernote for iPhone.

Don’t get me wrong, Evernote for iPhone is terrific for what it is, but it doesn’t add all that much over the web app and I want/need more from it.

My biggest disappointments- 

-Notes are only availably when a data connection is active (in other words notes are not resident)

-Note are currently "Read Only" and editing is not currently possible

Well, it is good to know that a (partial) fix is in the works.

eReader For iPhone- This Is Just The Beginning



It is no secret that I was thrilled to see eReader software available on the App Store on day one. More information regarding both the initial timing of the release and future plans for the software are now available and it is all good news.

According to the eReader website the decision to release the basic reader as quickly and early as possible, rather than spend months getting every last feature worked into the application, was based on customer feedback. Thus, in early releases of the software they are stressing usability and content connectivity.

In my opinion it was an excellent decision. They got it to market immediately. It works, it is usable and it is stable. For that they should be applauded!

Things are only going to get better, however.