Slingshot app allows cross-platform screen and file sharing


On May 1, 2014

Squirrels, the maker of popular Reflector and AirParrot apps, has today launched Slingshot, a service-based application allowing iOS, Mac and Windows screen and file sharing “to anywhere in the world.” Using Apple’s AirPlay Mirroring and other related protocols, Slingshot lets you share your iOS, Mac or Windows screen with anyone in a Slingshot session – […]

Met at the MWC14: PanzerGlass, making your iPhone screen almost tank-strong


On March 5, 2014

As you may guess, the MWC is full of interesting things. We can’t cover all of them, but sometimes something catches our eye. We were wandering around, checking interesting stalls when we saw a hammer smashing an iPhone. The phone ended undamaged. The secret? PanzerGlass. We’ve been told PanzerGlass is composed of a sheet of […]

Giveaway: Win a promo code for PaintLife, a must-have photo editing app


On February 26, 2014

PaintLife is a new powerful photo editing app that comes with a range of image-enhancement filters that are quick to use and can make your picture shine above the rest. It also offers a bunch of artistic filters letting you convert your photos into an artwork. It all makes PaintLife one of a must-have photography apps for iPhone and iPad. You can read our […]

Best unique puzzle games for iPhone and iPad


On January 14, 2014

Puzzle games are one of the most popular genres in whole of the AppStore and each week, new and better ones are flowing in. And we hope to bring the best of the lot via this post. Please note that I am dealing with the newer and more unique puzzle games on iOS rather than […]

Best apps to stream videos to your iPhone and iPad


On January 9, 2014

The inability to expand the storage capacity of iPhone and iPad with a microSD card is a major left out, especially for movie buffs who like to be loaded with great flicks at all times. And this gap has made way for an overwhelming amount of video apps into the AppStore, to help stream videos […]

Holiday Gift Guide: best accessories for iPad mini


On December 18, 2013

Taking into account that the iPad mini is astonishingly versatile, it cannot do everything we want. So here we present some of the most useful iPad Mini accessories that we believe are perfect gifts for yourself or your known ones. Tech Armor iPad Mini screen protector Ultra Clear and almost invisible having the HD Clear […]

Best video players for iPhone and iPad


On November 27, 2013

Accept it, the native video player on iOS sucks. Unless you’re buying all content from iTunes, you’ll face alot of limitations like lack of support of wild formats, cumbersome file transfers and plain looks. And one of the first few apps a person searches in the AppStore after getting a new iOS device is “video […]

Best infinite runner games for iPhone and iPad


On November 14, 2013

Endless runner games are most probably anyone’s go-to destination when boredom kicks in. And when there are more than one pair of hands on their mobiles, things get really competitive. High scores do matter! Today, we’ll be looking at some of the most popular Infinite runner games available for your iPhone and iPad. Please note […]

Best apps to control your Computer via iPhone and iPad


On November 5, 2013

Ever wished to run flash on your iPad, to browse some Mac files on the go or to control music on a PC with your iPhone? If you thought this was impossible, you’d be surprised to know that ‘There’s an App for that‘! In fact, there are too many apps for that and here’s a […]

Best iOS exclusive games for iPhone and iPad


On October 22, 2013

The Android vs iPhone clashes can sometimes get ugly. When the droids boast of the high-end specs and cool new features, the ‘i’ guys play the ‘iOS ecosystem and great apps’ card. I have never used an Android device, so I’m no one to judge that argument, but I can surely help the latter guys […]