Over Half Of The Applications Should Be Updated To Be Compatible With iOS 7


On August 4, 2013

iOS 7 will bring many changes and, as normal, developers will need to update their applications to make them compatible with the new version of the operating system for iPhones. According to a recent study conducted by The Iconfactory, 52% of applications in the App Store needs be updated to work correctly in iOS 7 […]

Download iTunes 11.1 And iOS 7 Beta 4 Now


On July 31, 2013

The new iOS 7 Beta 4 is available during last night for iOS application developers, but now you can also download it, if you are interested. If you already have iOS 7 installed, you can make an OTA update without any problems, but if you cannot go through this process, then you can use a […]

iOS 7 Beta 4 – When Can You Expect It?


On July 18, 2013

iOS 7 beta 4, the next iOS 7 beta version for our new devices is presently under development at the Apple Company and I know many of you are waiting to find out when it will be released. Well, according to Apple’s strategy of the first 3 beta version from the past years, iOS 7 […]

The First Image Of iOS 7 And Its Homescreen


On June 4, 2013

A week from today we will see for the first time iOS 7 presented by Apple and will be available the first beta build for developers, but until then we see here the first image of the new version of the operating system. The image was taken in a quite old alpha build and many […]

iOS 6.1.3 Was Released by Apple


On March 20, 2013

Moments ago Apple released iOS 6.1.3 for iPhone owner, the new version of the operating system allowed the removal solving bugs of LockScreen Passcode, bringing some news for Apple Maps of Japan and blocking the untethered evasi0n jailbreak solution. The new version of iOS is available for all iPhones, but if you did already made […]

iOS 6.1.2 – last chance to make jailbreak for iOS 6


On February 26, 2013

After half a week of waiting, last night we finally learned that iOS 6.1.3 beta 2 blocks two exploits used for evasi0n untethered jailbreak solution and as soon as this version of iOS will be released we will not be able to jailbreak. Apple does not seem to speed up the release of iOS 6.1.3, […]

iOS 6.1.2 And Battery Life


On February 25, 2013

Last week Apple released iOS 6.1.2 and many of you asked yourself if the battery life was affected following the release updates. Given that information like this do not have any logic after 1/2 days release of the updates, today I can say that on iOS 6.1.2 I share the same good battery life like […]

iOS 7 could be presented in an Apple event that could be held in April


On February 16, 2013

According to American analysts, in April Apple will hold an event in which will present something new to the general public, but no one knows for sure what. From the new iPad tablet to Apple TV software, analysts say that Apple will present a major release in April. They analyzed the time elapsed between events […]

iOS 6.1.1 – An Update for iPhone 4S Users


On February 12, 2013

Apple recently updated the iOS operating system to version 6.1, and an update version number 6.1.1 was already in progress. Instead of a general update, the company has released an update yesterday evening bearing this version number, but that is only for the iPhone 4S.

Downgrade from iOS 6 to iOS 5 might be possible in the near future


On February 1, 2013

Winocm is a hacker made known by the MuscleNerd in the day that iOS 6.1 beta 5 has been released by Apple, and he is currently working on a possible solution to downgrade from iOS 6 to iOS 5. The solution should work on any Apple device, yes including iPhone 4S, iPad 2/3, etc., but […]