Apple rectify most problems in iOS 7 with the new 7.0.3


On October 23, 2013

Because iOS 7 came with a large number of stability issues, Apple has also tried to address them in future updates. On the same day that the Cupertino giant launched new iPads, MacBook Pros and Mac Pros, iDevice owners were invited to make the transition to the new iOS 7.0.3. As it is evident, after […]

Complete details on iOS 7 and Apple iLife and iWork suites

The landing of the new version of the iOS operating system did not go very smoothly, version 7 being penalized for poor performance, bugs and some stability issues. While waiting for a major update with new iPads, the company has just released a minor update, but it tries to solve the already annoying problem. iOS […]

Google Hangouts with integrated voice calls arrive on iOS


On October 21, 2013

The folks at Google have decided to update its Hangouts app for iDevices. Such Google Hangouts update is welcomed on iOS. True, it would have pass more time until Google Hangouts app for iPhone received a much needed update. However, the Mountain View giant has just made ??envious Android users who for now don’t have […]

Apple boss was sued because the iOS 7 update


On October 20, 2013

  Tim Cook has found itself sued because of a simple file. Most Apple fans eagerly awaited the appearance of iOS 7 and most enjoy Apple’s new operating system. We say most, because there are unhappy users with iOS 7 problems, many have tried to find solutions to the operating system bugs. But one of […]

iOS 7 reached incredible more users in less than a month


On October 18, 2013

For it deals with exclusive distribution of the new iOS versions, in less than a month, Apple has a special installation rate for iOS 7. There are a couple of days until it turns a month of launching the iOS 7, the new operating system from Apple meant for users of iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, […]

iOS 7 has stability problems and iWork suite seems to be the only culprit


On October 11, 2013

The launches of new Apple phones have not always gone smoothly, users easily remembering the shorted antenna problem of the iPhone 4 or the too sensitive housing of the iPhone 5 model. The new iOS 7 seems that it lacks confidence, many users complaining about stability issues manifested by phone restarting without a reason and […]

iOS 7 – Two New Security Bugs From LockScreen That Allows Access To Photo library And Making Phone Calls


On September 20, 2013

As expected, in the iOS 7 was discovered a new security bug that can be used by malicious people to access your photos from Camera Roll and then share them via email, social networks, etc. Apple has acknowledged the existence of problems and say that they are working on solving them, but first let’s see […]

iOS 7 Was Released By Apple!


On September 19, 2013

iOS 7 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch was released last night by Apple, the new version of the operating system is available for download via iTunes or via the OTA Update. In an article to be published will detail all the news related to iOS 7 but if you read over the lat months, […]

iOS 7 Jailbreak Is Already In Pending – Hackers From evad3rs Are Testing Exploits!


On September 11, 2013

I’ve told you a few months ago that iOS 7 will have an untethered jailbreak solution available, and during last night the hacker named planetbeing, evad3rs team member, who released a jailbreak solution for iOS 6 announced that has begun verifying iOS 7. This is an early stage of the development process, the hacker is […]

iOS 7 And Its Launch On 10 September


On August 28, 2013

From a few days ago, on internet is circulating a rumor that Apple would release iOS 7 on September 10, the day following to include iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. Although some are beginning to give credibility to this information, in reality the chances that iOS 7 will occur then are extremely low, even if […]