Star dunk – a Space Jam Game


On May 10, 2011

Star Dunk is a¬† very competitive basketball shoot-out game , where your mission¬† is that to¬† score as many points you can¬† in a free throw competition . Graphics are reminiscent of Geometry Wars; This game it has a stellar backdrop complete with a light show of shader effects for power-ups and ball handling‚Äì this […]

Falling Fred – Watch out for those obstacles!

The application Falling Fred is definitely not for the ones with¬† feint of heart because the¬† blood is¬† spraying around regularly, but if you’re playing this game perfectly then¬† you’ll not see a drop until the moment before you fail. The perfectly tuned tilt controls¬† used to push and pull Fred around the screen , […]

Frisbee forever – a frisbee tossing game

One of the most exciting¬† outdoor summer games can now be played all season round and indoors and that will be the¬† new Frisbee Forever app made by Kiloo for Apple devices. You maybe heard about¬† Kiloo before as they are not new to the app store because they already provided the apps Whac-a-Mole, Zenses […]

Talking Ben the Dog – A free iPhone Game

If you want to relax your mind after a hard day¬† try new fun-filled entertainment app called¬† Talking Ben the Dog for iPhone. Ben is a retired professor of chemistry who love his¬† comfortable life which means to drink a lot, to¬† eat and especially to¬† read newspapers. Try to make the retired professor¬† receptive […]

Doodle Fill – a great puzzle game

Four colors, many hours of fun! All you have to do is to doodle in the forms without allowing the same color to touch. This game is so¬† funny and sounds easy right ? It really is! … the beginning of it . Doodle Fill is a very addictive puzzle game that is easy to […]

The iPhone DevTeam Updates PwnageTool And RedSn0w To Fix Bugs


On May 9, 2011

Just a quick heads-up: PwnageTool and redsn0w have been updated to include a fix for the vibration problem on iPhone3GS/i4 switch (it works only with¬† 4.3.3!). If your iOS 4.3.3 is already jail-broken¬† (by either or custom ipsw redsn0w rc15), you will be able to install this fix simply by rolling over your existing rc16 […]

Find out more about Office Jerk – A Free iPhone Game

Recently was released an awesome game for “working people”, by the name of Office Jerk. The main objective of the game is about a guy that has to be sycophant or brown-noser. This is that kind of guy that runs to the boss and tells when you’ve did a mistake, make his best to win […]

Android or WP7 simulation on your iPhone

Let‚Äôs say that you are very happy with your iPhone but you wonder in the¬† same time how¬† it feels like to use Windows Phone 7 or¬† Android . From today you will be able to use those¬† two operating systems with¬† your iPhone. If you have already jailbroken your iPhone¬† then¬† you can download […]

App Review: Talking Tom Cat – Talk to this funny cat


On April 23, 2011

Talking Tom Cat app was included in Top 25 iTunes store free apps yesterday. Talking Tom Cat is available for free on iTunes store. It’s a cat that will respond to your touch on iPhone, iPod, or iPad screen, also repeats everything you say with a funny voice on your device. You could knock his […]

Barcodas app: Turns Barcode into Musical pattern


On April 22, 2011

Barcodas app is very interesting. It can converts any EAN or UPC barcode into a musical pattern and play it right after you scanned a barcode. This is the official description of Barcodas app on iTunes