Minigore – Can you survive the onslaught of furries


On May 16, 2011

Do you feel able to survive¬† on the attack¬† of furries in the dark wilderness of Hardland? Your mission is to¬† help John Gore to avoid his enemies and fill them full of lead in this action-packed arcade shooter.The exceptional ¬† dual-stick controls and stunning and the game graphics make this game one of the […]

UNO – a classic card game for iPhone

Card games are such a natural fit for iPhone. The game Uno represent¬† no exception, with very fast ¬† touchscreen controls and a wonderful¬† presentation.Multiplayer, however, brings to you¬† a wild card that change¬† this classic card game from blue to red hot.   Get ready to call “UNO” on your iPhone! Try out UNO […]

Wriggle – free the blue worm

The objective on this game is to free the blue worm (by dragging its head or tail) from the maze in as few moves as possible. You can unlock achievement¬† by completing the¬† puzzles perfectly or simply by finishing¬† as many as you can. This game will definitely be something¬† fun for the whole family¬† […]

NinJump – become a ninja master

In this rapid paced ninja climbing game, your objective is to go up¬† as high as you can while you will try to avoid the killer squirrels, angry birds, enemy ninjas, shooting¬† stars and exploding bombs. With a single touch on you iPhone you will jump from one wall to the other, defeating obstacles from […]

Paper Glider Para Drop – an addictive game

Your objective on this game is that to hit the spot in Paper Glider Para Drop. Jump from your device¬† on the right moment to land safely onto the trampoline… But be careful ,because if you will miss the target¬† you could sizzle in the campfire or splat in a doggy doo!     If […]

Smurfs’ village Рconstruct a new village for the Smurfs

Gargamel locate the Smurfs‚Äô village and he spreads the Smurfs far and wide. With some guidance from Papa Smurf’s , it‚Äôs up to you to construct¬† a new village for the Smurfs to make them coming back. Based on the original cartoon and comic art, players starts the game with¬† one mushroom house and with […]

Sudoku – Take a journey to feudal Japan


On May 15, 2011

With Sudoku you can say that you are taking a journey into the feudal¬† Japan . With good¬† graphics and killer features, this application is the best Sudoku available for iOS. DUAL KEYPAD ENTRY You have two separate keypads, one for entries and one for notes which will allow you to enter values quickly and […]

Jet Fighter Ace – super addictive game

Go up there¬† into the skies and take out your opponents! ‘Jet Fighter Ace: Secret Wars‘ is a very addictive game¬† which takes you¬† back to the retro arcade shoot-em-ups, and brings in some nasty social competition. In this game you can configure your ship with a variety¬† of weapons, and then you will be […]

Antrim Escape I – discover the secret of Antrim Castle

After Ryan fell from a tree,he woke up in a strange room. Your task is to escape¬† him from the room and to¬† discover the secret of Antrim Castle! The application Antrim Escape is a room escape game. The main purpose¬† of the game is to find, combine and use designated items to resolve¬† puzzles […]

Tap Ranch – a very attractive iPhone game

Tap Ranch application will give you the possibility to grow your own crops, raising animals and to¬† invest¬† in “makers” to produce your own cheese, wine and fruit pies! Cultivate¬† alfalfa to feed cows and after that they will give you¬† milk, or corn to feed chickens to make eggs. Decorate your ranch exactly as […]