Apps that iPhone users must have


On September 4, 2011

Previously we have written about some of the best apps that are available on the App Store but because there are thousands of apps available on the market, it is simply impossible to sum everything up in a single article and that is why this article is a continuation of the previous articles about iPhone […]

VoiceKeys brings a new writing system from dictation in iOS


On August 30, 2011

VoiceKeys is a new tweak in Cydia released tonight by Ryan Petrich, Tweak Week initiator that has brought us so many interesting tweaks. VoiceKeys is a system of writing upon dictation using an internet connection and the write dictation system of those from Google to bring in iOS a way to dictate notes in various […]

SignalGuru help you save gas, learning the program of the lights


On August 28, 2011

If you are a driver then you probably have been frustrated when you have caught several times in a row the red light while driving through the city. The starting/stoping the engine are constant fuel consumption that seems to be a real problem in the opinion of some researchers from the prestigious U.S. MIT university […]

Handy applications for iPhone users


On August 22, 2011

The Apple App Store comes with hundreds of thousands of applications for the iPhone itself. In fact, a lot of these are handy in many ways. Some people even rely on them in their day to day life. Such is the way that the technology of the iPhone has revolutionized these individuals. Check out some […]

Insanely Cool Apps for iPhone!


On August 15, 2011

The Apple App Store has more than 425,000 apps to be exact and amazingly this number keeps on increasing by the day. In fact, there are applications for almost everything. However, with this overwhelming number of apps available on the store, finding some really cool apps can be hard. Not to worry, check out some […]

Must have iPhone applications for designers


On August 14, 2011

iPhone has been a necessity for people working in all fields. With the vast number of applications available in Apple’s App Store, it is to no surprise that in at least one working field, there will be a few applications that would be deemed essential to those working there.

I'm Busy SMS – send an automatically SMS when you reject a call


On August 2, 2011

I’m Busy SMS is a tweak available in Cydia for about 2 months to allow owners of devices to send an SMS with predefined text when they were called and cannot answer the phone. Once you install this tweak you have available in the Settings menu, a submenu from which you can write a dedicated […]

InstantCam allows you to make photos with your iPhone more quickly


On August 1, 2011

InstantCam is a new application available on AppStore very useful for all users of iPhone devices. I think that you’ve been for a lot of times in the case were you’ve wanted to make a quick picture with your iPhone, but because the Camera application opens quite hard and takes a long time, this didn’t […]

1TapFaceTime allows us to make shortcuts in Springboard for FaceTime contacts


On July 29, 2011

1TapFaceTime is a new application launched a few days ago in the App Store that allows owners of the iPhones or any other devices compatible with FaceTime function to make in Springboard shortcuts for the favorite contacts. Apple believes that the native iOS does not need such thing since we have so many menus that […]

DeleteAllSMS and GameOn – two new tweaks in the Tweak Week


On July 20, 2011

Tweak Week continues this week with the tweaks of the developer Max Shav. Now we introduce two of them: DeleteAllSMS and GameOn. DeleteAllSMS is a tweak that allows us to completely delete all messages in the Messages application of iOS. The tweak is specially designed for the iPhone because it is the only one that […]