Managing life with iPlan for iPhone


On December 21, 2012

The App Store has many productivity applications but one of our favorites is the iPlan for iPhone. It is a comprehensive application that has been ported from the iPad. Nevertheless, it retains most of the functionality that iPad user loves and thus making it a great application for the iPhone as well.

Best of the App Store, Apple's top iPad and iPhone applications


On December 18, 2012

Like at each year’s end, Apple released today the list of best emerging applications this year in its mobile application store, classification is issued based on the popularity of their individual as well as analysis by the editors from App Store. Known until last year as the iTunes Rewind, the top was now called simply […]

Google Maps for iPhone on App Store


On December 15, 2012

When Apple changed its Maps application to the one of its own, it took a lot of people by surprise, including Google. It turns out that the Maps application is anything but completed and it is also full of bugs. As a result, Google started developing an application on its own and the result is […]

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour now on iOS Store


On December 11, 2012

Gameloft certainly has a lot of great games under its collection in the iOS App Store. For example, it had recently released Rockstar’s GTA: Vice City on iOS and now, a new game is coming up and it is the sequel to the successful Modern Combat series. Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour is now available […]

Attachment+ to send multiple file types


On December 6, 2012

A lot of you would probably use the mail feature present on the iPhone. However, have you ever felt the need of sending file types other than images through email? If you do, then Attachment+ might just be a solution for you. Attachment+ is a jailbreak application that allows you to send various types of […]

Attachments+ for Mail allows you to open and send attachments using almost any iOS Mail application

Attachments+ for Mail is a tweak released in Cydia during the day and with its help users can dramatically improve the iOS Mail application. Using this tweak you can add to emails almost any attachments available in your iPhone, but with the help of it you can also open any attachments, as long as you […]

Twitterrific 5 Now in App Store

While the Twitter official iOS application is good, there are many more that are better. One of the best Twitter clients for iOS users is Twitterrific and right now, version 5 of it is available on the App Store. Twitterrific 5 definitely had a facelift of its own considering that it looks better than before. […]

BattleFriends at Sea for iPhone


On December 2, 2012

A new game was recently released in the Apple App Store and it is a multiplayer game called BattleFriends at Sea. The game itself is quite challenging but the best thing about it is that you can play it amongst your friends. Basically, it is a game of Battlefield where you and your opponent lay […]

Fantastical and iTunes 11 now available


On November 30, 2012

One of the most popular calendar applications that you can get for Mac is Fantastical. While the iOS has been around for quite some time, the people behind Fantastical did not make a version of Fantastical for the iOS, until now that is. Fantastical by Flexibits is now available on the Apple App Store. It […]

Vimeo Launches New iPhone App


On November 29, 2012

Vimeo is the next best thing after YouTube and it is also well-received by many other people as well. For iPhone users that are also avid Vimeo users, you may be pleased to know that a new iPhone app for Vimeo has been launched just recently. The iPhone application allows you to upload the videos […]