Imperium Jailbreak App for App Switcher Replacement


On March 18, 2012

Jailbreak might be illegal as far as Apple is concerned and it voids your warranty but it can easily be restored through the iTunes. For those that have a jailbreak device, you may find yourself wanting to take a look at Imperium which is a great application for those wanting to change the look and […]

iPhone companion apps for food lovers


On March 16, 2012

There are just so many food lovers in the world because good foods usually results in happy people. However, in some cases, finding good foods can be tough especially when you are new to the area. That is where the iPhone comes in. It is portable and has a lot of applications that would cater […]

List of apps to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s is celebrated yearly and it originated from Ireland initially although there are a lot more countries that have been celebrating it. In fact, it is still one of the most celebrated saint’s day in the world which makes it all the more interesting to list some of the applications related to this particular […]

HTML5 tethering available on iPhone


On March 10, 2012

Tethering is definitely a handy thing to have especially for a power-user. This is because it is highly convenient to have and is a good way to finish up what’s left of the data usage that the user can have. However, some carriers dislike the tethering feature as it amounts to excessive usage and thus […]

Angry Bird and Facebook are all-time top applications in App Store


On March 7, 2012

The 25 billionth download in the App Store has just passed and it is definitely a milestone that will be unbeatable for quite some time. Prior to announcing the name of the winner of the $10,000 iTunes Gift Card, Apple had also graced us with the list of the all-time top applications in the Apple […]

Siri with accent through AnyVoice


On March 4, 2012

Siri is very interesting and it comes with two different voices which is a man and a woman’s voice. However, for some people, they might want to have Siri to have an accent on which is common to their country. This is because sometimes, the English on which is native to Siri might not be […]

Siri’s competitor Evi might get the boot from App Store


On February 27, 2012

It isn’t out of the norm whenever Apple decided to remove an application from its App Store. Chances are, the application might be in violation of some of the company’s terms and conditions. However, when True Knowledge released an app called Evi in January, it raised a few questions especially when the app works so […]

FastClear jailbreak app modifies notification center


On February 20, 2012

The iOS 5 comes with a few added features and amongst them is the notification center. The said feature was already available on Android devices for as long as anyone could remember but only now did the company incorporated it into their devices. Nevertheless, it is definitely a good and necessary addition and with the […]

Any Wine Enthusiast Will Love to Have these iPhone Apps

Are you a wine enthusiast? Have you always wanted to learn more about wines? With the help of your iPhone, you can connect to the largest virtual wine communities and learn all you have always wanted to know about the best wines available today. The iPhone app store carries dozens of great wine apps that […]

$10,000 for the 25 billionth app downloader from Apple App Store


On February 18, 2012

Apple App Store can be considered the heart of where Apple stands as that is the place where billions of apps are downloaded and purchased. As of date, almost all of the company’s products such as the iPhone, iPod Touch and even its MacBook series have a connection with the App Store for over-the-net purchase […]