Black Friday for Mac Applications with Cult of Mac package


On November 24, 2013

You have 12 days to take advantage of an unbeatable offer from Black Friday for OS X applications worth 420 dollars, but you can get them at $50. Mac application package created by the folks from Cult Of Mac includes eleven apps that make life easier if you’re using OS X. With $50 you can […]

Google Chrome For iOS Gets Autofill Option


On November 17, 2013

Google makes an update on Chrome applications for mobile devices, adding Autofill function for iOS users. Android version also received autocompletion capabilities a while ago, but today’s update should improve the experience for both them and iOS users. Autofill needs a Google account for all devices, they will be connected to the internet and have […]

Facebook Messenger for iPhone now competes directly with WhatsApp – See its new features


On November 14, 2013

Facebook announced a new version of its Messenger application that departs from the parent program and is becoming more independent. The reason is simple: Facebook wants to be as cool as WhatsApp and other instant messaging applications. The update was announced for a limited number of people last month, and now it’s on iOS and […]

BetterWiFi brings many other functions for wireless connections on your iPhone


On November 7, 2013

BetterWiFi is a recently released Cydia tweak that brings many additional options for the Wi-Fi settings of your iPhone. Specifically, the tweak will allow you to put, for example, a filter for your iPhone to search and display only nearby Wi-Fi connections unprotected by a password. Then, if you want to update the list of […]

iPhoto for iOS can now delete photos from Camera Roll


On October 26, 2013

This week Apple released an update for iPhoto app from the Apple App Store, implementing some new and useful features for iDevice owners. Among the updates implemented by Apple there is also the ability to finally manage the available photos from Camera Roll, function being unavailable until now. Although we are talking about an Apple application […]

Apple updates iWork and iLife suites


On October 22, 2013

Expected for a few days, new versions of iWork and iLife suite will be available starting today in the App Store and Mac App Store. iPhoto will have a new interface and a new way of organizing the iDevice, Apple is implementing including the ability to generate the application cards. iMovie also has a fully […]

Google Hangouts with integrated voice calls arrive on iOS


On October 21, 2013

The folks at Google have decided to update its Hangouts app for iDevices. Such Google Hangouts update is welcomed on iOS. True, it would have pass more time until Google Hangouts app for iPhone received a much needed update. However, the Mountain View giant has just made ??envious Android users who for now don’t have […]

How Can A Malware Affects The Credibility Of Apple App Store?


On August 22, 2013

Apple application store is the target of criticism concerning the security measures used to verify new applications. A team of American programmers created a potentially malicious application that passed Apple verification and has become available on the App Store. The experiment took place in March and programmers from Georgia Tech University, used the application a […]

MIT Researchers Manage To Sneak A Malware Named Jekyll In An Application Published In App Store


On August 17, 2013

Researchers from the prestigious M.I.T. University have attempted to demonstrate that the process of reviewing applications for the App Store is not as safe as the company claims, according to them, the test was a success. They were based on the fact that the program automatically checks for App Store applications spend a few seconds […]

Safari – A Pleasant Surprise To iOS 7


On August 5, 2013

iOS 7 contains many updates and Apple didn’t covered them all, but I am sure that you had also discovered many useful things. Today I will say that I am impressed by what Apple did with Safari in iOS 7, the browser needing major changes and Apple offered exactly that. Aside from the fact that […]