Read what IOS 5 beta 5 brings


On August 7, 2011

Tonight Apple thought to launch iOS 5 beta 5 for application developers for iOS. The new version of the operating system is available both through the OTA update and update directly to a full IPSW and if you have jailbreak you cannot do OTA update due to limitations of Apple.

iOS 5 – unable to make a backup from iCloud


On August 6, 2011

Starting with iOS 5 beta 1 we had access to iCloud service that allowed us to save our data from devices directly on Apple servers where we could download again later if necessary. For bakcup to be made we needed the backup option to be activated from the menu of iOS 5 but in some […]

Thanks to the new super-wifi, iPhone will be able to connect to WiFi from 100 km


On July 30, 2011

These days IEEE, the organization that deals with all standards regarding WiFi network, has officially published the technical specification for the next 802.22 WiFi standard. The particularity of this new standard is that on all devices in which will be implement will be able to connect to a WiFi router located at a distance of […]

Apple launches iOS 5 beta 4 and iTunes 10.5 beta 4, brings the OTA update and Wi-Fi Sync on Windows


On July 23, 2011

During last night Apple released iOS 5 beta 4 for the owners of apple devices along with iTunes beta 4 for Windows and Mac OS X. In this update Apple has implemented for the first time the possibility to make an OTA update directly from the phone for the new version of the operating system. […]

Apple sees 15 million iPhone 5 sold in the first month


On June 26, 2011

If we believe what DigiTimes says it seems that Apple has ordered 15 million iPhone 5 from its suppliers. This order should claims to cover the first month after the official presentation of this iPhone model.

Apple patents a new method to improve the device's camera


On June 23, 2011

New Apple’s patent was published today and we have before us a new method by which Apple is trying to improve the photo camera of our devices, for better pictures. The patent of Apple describes a system where our devices would compensate tilt camera when doing a picture in a software system implemented in iOS.

ICloud and iMessage will play a crucial part for iPhone owners


On June 22, 2011

A new survey done among iPhone and iPad owners indicate they will use the new services introduced by iOS 5, namely iCloud and iMessage.

iOS 5 Update, here are five things that will change


On June 21, 2011

One of the main changes introduced by iOS 5 is the OTA (Over The Air) updates, a way to update the firmware on the device totally new to Apple. Let’s see the 5 things that will change along with this news:   PC-Free  

(Joke) How can Osama bin Laden be found? Using an iPhone!


On May 7, 2011

Were you questioning yourself how can Osama bin Laden be found? Osama bin Laden found by using iPhone’s location data bug which recently revealed.

10 years of the iPod, a road full of success


On March 18, 2011

The first-generation iPod on display at Macworld in 2002. Photograph: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images iPod, Apple’s first MP3 player celebrates 10 years this year. Some industry experts believe that the anniversary of the gadget will not be a happy one because the portable device is the least popular from the range of company’s gadgets. iPod classic […]