Google Maps 2.0 Is Available On iOS – New Web Interface Is Accessible To Anyone


On July 17, 2013

A week ago, Google announced the launch of the new version of Google Maps. If Android users have been enjoying it almost immediately, iOS users had to wait until today. On this occasion, the new Web interface, which was only available on an invitation, became accessible to everyone. From failing its launch last year and […]

Apple Started The Manufacturing Process Of The Cheap iPhone


On July 16, 2013

Like we’ve wrote a few days ago Apple will begin production of the iPhone 5S terminals earlier this month, but now we find that production of the Cheap iPhone would have started already. The terminal would be sold at a price between $300 – $400, that will not be quite as cheap as it is […]

iPhone 7 Will Have An A9 Chip Manufactured By Samsung Under A New Agreement With Apple


On July 15, 2013

Although Apple has signed an agreement with TSMC for the production of A8 chips made for future terminals like iPhone 6, iPad 6 and iPad Mini 3, people at Apple have reached an agreement with Samsung to produce in 2015 A9 chips for iPhone 7, iPad 7 and iPad Mini 4. The chip will be […] – iOS App For 100% Secure Photo Sharing


On July 13, 2013

A new iOS app offers a safer way to show photos to your Facebook friends. allows setting an expiration date for photos which may be available only to your carefully chosen Facebook friends.

iOS 7 Could Provide Slow-Motion Video Recording At 120 fps


On July 11, 2013

Another beta update for iOS 7 means more features that have been announced at WWDC, but were planned for future iOS devices. Now there are reports that Apple plans to use the slow-motion video recording device in its own future. Theory is difficult to test because no actual iOS device does support this feature. During […]

Most Users Are Satisfied With The Appearance Of iOS 7 Icons


On June 25, 2013

Although a lot of people complained about the design changes implemented by Apple in iOS 7, it seems that the voice of the internet is not representative of most users. A recent survey run among iOS owners reveals that most of them prefer iOS 7 design elements over those available in iOS 6, and this […]

Applications To Count Data Are Useless In iOS 7


On June 14, 2013

In the new Cellular menu of iOS 7 was finally implemented the possibility to see which iOS’s applications and services makes data traffic and how much data traffic they did over time. The system implemented by Apple primarily gives us information about data traffic made by applications installed on our devices, but in the background […]

iOS 7 Allows Us To Choose The Format That Displays Subtitles For Movies


On June 12, 2013

If you use the Videos app to view movies on a regular basis and they have attached a subtitle, then you will be glad to know that Apple has prepared something interesting for you in iOS 7. Through a new menu available in Settings>General>Accessibility>Subtitles & Captions, Apple gives us the ability to choose how the […]

iOS 7 Contains Standard Support For Gamepads

During WWDC 2013 I said that one of the iOS 7 updates includes standard support for the third controllers, and now is the time to develop the subject. This is the first time that Apple provides support for dedicated gaming controller for iOS platform, manufacturers of such securities can now develop special hardware thanks to […]

Maps And Navigation For iPhone, 6 Alternatives to Apple Maps


On June 7, 2013

Eventually Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, had to make his excuses for the mediocrity of the current Apple Maps. The ones having an iPhone 5 or another model with iOS 6 can still install an alternative app and download a free browser with maps and other alternative better than the ones from Apple. Alternative applications with […]