Apple warns users about applications that offer in-app purchases


On March 24, 2013

In recent weeks we have reported two cases of British children that were able to produce bills of thousands of pounds buying various apps and features in those apps/games via in-app purchases. Apple has been sued because of how inappropriate they warn its users about these in-app purchases, was criticized by the press, and now […]

Apple wants to control iPhone when they fall


On March 23, 2013

Apple recently launched an application for a patent to control how the phone falls down. More specifically, the Cupertino Company wants to change its iPhone position in the air and land with a chosen area on the floor. The reason is simple: protect an expensive device with a relatively fragile construction. Users tend to keep […]

The cheaper iPhone would have half the price of iPhone 5


On March 22, 2013

The launch of a cheaper iPhone this summer seems more secure, but nobody has yet given the correct “definition” to the “cheap” word since we are talking about an iPhone, a product that is generally expensive. Those from Credit Suisse seeks to clarify things by saying that the cheaper iPhone from Apple would have half […]

Apple patents a system that could provide information about objects while watching a video feed


On March 20, 2013

Apple today has registered a patent describing a iOS system that could display information about visible objects in a video stream. Basically iOS would recognize various objects that its feed displays them, and users could see information about them through pop-ups. The system would work with the terminal camera, such as straightening the iPhone to […]

The cheaper iPhone will have a 4-inch screen, being available in 6 colors


On March 16, 2013

The cheaper iPhone will be released later this year by Apple, and the device would have the same 4-inch screen like the iPhone 5 terminal, but also a slim plastic and fiberglass. Housing of the new device would be between 0.4 and 0.6 mm thick, about half the normal carcasses that are between 0.7 and […]

Apple patents camera with optical zoom for 6 mm thick phones


On March 15, 2013

Implementing an optical zoom in cameras objectives of mobile terminals is not a new idea, Nokia, Samsung, LG and Sharp have launched several products that offer this feature. But they were not expected to catch on public, could not survive in the era of terminals becoming thinner. According to a patent filed by Apple, the […]

Apple could use Qualcomm Snapdragon processors for cheap iPhones


On March 8, 2013

Rumors concerning the launch of a low-cost iPhone have intensified in recent months, the device is expected to be launched later this year. So far nobody knows anything about it, besides the fact that it would have a plastic cover, but today we learn that it could use a Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC. Apple would be […]

iPhone 5S would have gone into production at Foxconn, the launch would be scheduled for the summer of 2013


On March 6, 2013

Following the rumors on the internal structure of the iPhone 5S terminal, today we learn that Foxconn had already begun to produce terminal in their own factories, but in moderation cuantities now. iPhone 5S would be assembled on production lines that iPhone 5 is manufactured, meaning that the external structure of the device is unchanged, […]

iPhone 5S could have a thinner and stronger dual LED flash


On March 1, 2013

Apple could launch an iPhone that has a screen of 4.5 inch, plastic casing similar to the MacBook design launched by Apple a few years ago. Part of the rumor published last night is talking about iPhone 5S which would have a built-in dual LED flash, improved terminal capacity to take pictures in low light […]

Apple produces the most solid smartphones, iPhones could be up to 300% more resistant than Samsung terminals


On February 23, 2013

Although it seems very hard to believe that Apple is presented by FixYa, a company that has a website dedicated to solving smartphone problems as the maker of smartphones that last longer. According to data collected from over 700,000 issues reported on its website, those from FixYa say that Apple produces the most durable terminals, […]