Battery life on the iPhone 5S versus best Android smartphones


On November 8, 2013

On the launch occasion of the new LG Nexus 5, a few days ago, people from PhoneArena took possession of it and they did, of course, some comparative tests with other top smartphones in the market, including the iPhone 5S device from Apple. One of these concerns the battery life of the smartphones and plans […]

Here are the most interesting and ridiculous concepts for iPhone 6


On November 6, 2013

iPhone 6 concept began to emerge long before the launch of the iPhone 5S and considering that we are already heading towards the next iPhone model that will be launched in 2014 by Apple, it’s time to see some of the most interesting concepts for it. Even though Apple certainly tests all kinds of iPhone […]

iPhone Air is a very likely concept for iPhone 6


On November 5, 2013

Given that Apple is inspiring new products from existing internal ones, an iPhone 6 inspired from iPad Air is not excluded, iPhone Air. Very long rumored that the new iPad, fifth-generation, will have in common design with the iPad mini. During the launch event a few weeks ago, this trend was confirmed and the result […]

iPhone 5S Space Grey and iPhone 5C Blue are most popular by now


On November 1, 2013

According to the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP), it seems that the most popular color variant of the iPhone 5S device is the Space Grey. On the other hand, iPhone 5C blue was the best selling iPhone 5C until now. In the U.S. at least, so far the most popular version of iPhone 5S device […]

Due to a manufacturing defect, Apple will change some iPhone 5S devices sold so far


On October 30, 2013

Apple has confirmed in a statement to The New York Times as a “small number” of iPhone 5S devices will be changed because of a manufacturing defect leading to excessive consumption of battery. Although the iPhone 5S, according to Apple, should offer a better range than the iPhone 5 device, some users had the misfortune […]

How can you display the signal strength in numeric values on iOS 7


On October 29, 2013

iOS 7, like other versions of the operating system for iPhones, still allow the use of a trick that can display the signal strength in the status bar in numeric values. As you can see in the picture above, you can display the signal strength in numeric values ??using a code that must be entered […]

iOS 7 Ringtones were not created by Apple [VIDEO]


On October 24, 2013

Although we enjoyed enormously as Apple introduced new ringtones in iOS 7 and with this opportunity we can find out who was their creator. Did you ever like the Fireflies song from Owl City? Were you ever felt like the beginning of that hit is perfect for a ringtone, for which you used once or […]

Apple rectify most problems in iOS 7 with the new 7.0.3


On October 23, 2013

Because iOS 7 came with a large number of stability issues, Apple has also tried to address them in future updates. On the same day that the Cupertino giant launched new iPads, MacBook Pros and Mac Pros, iDevice owners were invited to make the transition to the new iOS 7.0.3. As it is evident, after […]

Complete details on iOS 7 and Apple iLife and iWork suites

The landing of the new version of the iOS operating system did not go very smoothly, version 7 being penalized for poor performance, bugs and some stability issues. While waiting for a major update with new iPads, the company has just released a minor update, but it tries to solve the already annoying problem. iOS […]

Was the main screen in iOS 7 made in Microsoft Word? [VIDEO]

Because many have wondered how those from Apple got to the current layout in iOS 7, someone made a compelling analogy with Microsoft Word. Early last summer, Tim Cook announces proudly at the WWDC 2013 the new iOS 7. Although several months have passed since most of us have been able to install the new […]