iOS 7 Sparks Malware Creators Interest


On June 5, 2013

iOS 7 will be unveiled Monday by Apple, the launch will take place in this autumn. Interest in the new version of the operating system is great, so great that hackers begin to develop websites and programs through which to infect users. The folks at Websense have discovered several websites developed for future phishing attack, […]

FakeMyChat help you forge messages, phonebook entries calls or GPS locations


On May 13, 2013

FakeMyChat is an application launched later last night in Cydia and with its help we can forge messages or calls entries from GPS locations of several popular applications of our iPhones. For now FakeMyChat can forge messages from the WhatsApp Messenger and Viber applications, calls from the Viber or LINE applications and finally getting the […]

iOS 7 – This Is How A Trial System Could Work For App Store


On May 11, 2013

For years users ask Apple to implement a system were App Store applications to be tested before being purchased, but unfortunately the U.S. Company refused to do so. To highlight a simple method that can provide this functionality since iOS 7, a developer thought to present a concept for iOS 7 of the whole system […]

Apple Is Preparing Major Changes To Apple Care And Its Warranty System

Apple Care is premium service were Apple offers customers the opportunity to protect their products through a special warranty that allows them to change/repair the damaged products in almost any conditions. At a meeting held on the Apple campus, a vice president announced the technical team about some major changes that will be implemented in […]

iPhone 5S – The Motherboard Of The Device Shown In The First Image


On May 10, 2013

iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 will be launched this year by Apple, and one of the updates that will be implemented in the terminal is connected to the camera. Many analysts talk about a 12 or 13 megapixel camera that will make room in the terminal and the picture below should undoubtedly confirm this. The […]

App Store is approaching 50 billion downloads, Apple celebrates with substantial prizes


On May 7, 2013

Apple stock prices don’t attain anymore the spectacular values from 2012, financial results don’t always please the investors and the market share is declining, but these issues do not stop the rapid development of the application store App Store, it is approaching a new record. In January of 2011, the App Store has reached 10 […]

What Can We Expect From iOS 7


On May 6, 2013

Apple will present at the event dedicated to developers in June, the new company’s mobile operating system, iOS 7. What can we expect from it? It will bring the company from Cupertino dramatic changes in terms of graphics and will come with revolutionary features? Hardly. From what we know so far, Apple will be limited […]

Google Glass is Expected to Link with iPhones to Send Text Messages and to Provide Sailing Information


On May 4, 2013

Google Glass provides information directly to users through a particular retina screen screen and is expected to link with iPhones to send text messages and to provide information about sailing. Currently only Android terminal owners can benefit from such functionality and only with a special application, but in future iPhones users would benefit from exactly […]

Google Now On iOS


On May 2, 2013

Google announced yesterday that the Google Now assistant, one of the most exciting software products launched by the company on the Android platform is now available on the iOS platform in the Google Search application, compatible with both iPhones mobile phones but also tablets. Google Now gives iOS users using different Google accounts the possibility […]

iOS 7 Will Contain Radical Design Changes


On April 30, 2013

Jony Ive for months the team leader that develops iOS 7 codenamed Innsbruck, and it seems that he has ordered a radical change in the operating system design. Several people, who had the opportunity to use iOS 7 or received information about it, say that the new design resembles to the Metro interface of Windows […]