Explaining iOS 6 and the SHSH Myth


On February 20, 2013

I have noticed lately a lot of questions about SHSH‘s and the possibility to downgrade from iOS 6.1.x versions to lower versions of iOS 6 or even iOS 5, and while a few months ago we reported details of changes made by Apple, I will speak again about it. For starters I can say that […]

iOS 7 could be presented in an Apple event that could be held in April


On February 16, 2013

According to American analysts, in April Apple will hold an event in which will present something new to the general public, but no one knows for sure what. From the new iPad tablet to Apple TV software, analysts say that Apple will present a major release in April. They analyzed the time elapsed between events […]

Apple loses the right over the iPhone trademark in Brazil


On February 14, 2013

A few weeks ago we told you that Apple would lose ownership of the iPhone trademark in Brazil and could be forced to remove the product from sale. Well, some of these things happened, Office for patents and trademarks in Brazil announced that a company called Gradiente owns the trademark rights, and Apple will be […]

Clone of iPhone 5S or the future accessible version of the iPhone?


On February 11, 2013

We all know that iPhones are made in China signed by Apple. Spy images of assembly plants would not be a surprise if we know that Apple has a very strict policy about these leaks of information. A series of such images with the iPhone 5S have appeared on the Internet and their veracity is […]

Apple may be forced to acquire the trademark for the iPhone name in Brazil


On February 5, 2013

Few months ago we talked about a Brazilian company that holds a patent for the iPhone brand name and that Apple could be forced to stop marketing the device in that country. I also said that the company launched on the Brazilian domestic market an Android smartphone which is called iPhone, and now we learn […]

iPhones sales recorded much higher than Galaxy S terminals in the past 3 years


On January 20, 2013

To highlight the success of the iPhone against Android terminals, an American analyst thought to compare the sales of Apple products and those of high-end smartphones from Samsung. He made a comparison from June 2010 to December 2012 and weighed the sales terminals: iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy SI, Galaxy S II, […]

Apple prepares iPhone 5S and a cheaper version of iPhone 5


On January 16, 2013

Apple could fight on two fronts this summer, asking demands from customers with full pockets, which will offer a better iPhone 5S than the current iPhone 5 model and for those with limited budgets who would settle for a cheaper version of iPhone 5. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, analyst at KGI Securities Company, both iPhone […]

iPad Mini and iPad 4 Cellular Starts Selling in China This Friday


On January 15, 2013

While there are many countries that already have a cellular version of the iPad 4 and the iPad Mini, the same cannot be said about China. However, there is good news to those that have been waiting for these two devices. This is because the two devices had just received the approval by the country’s […]

Apple Shares continue to decline despite the success of its products


On January 1, 2013

As we already entered the year 2013 the news from Apple are not so good. Value of its shares is declined in recent days reaching $509 in value trading session held after the closing of the U.S. stock market. Though the figure is small during the day value of shares fell to $508.12, and at […]