How To Transform Tour iPhone Into An USB Stick


On July 20, 2013

It is known the fact that the iPhone is not seen by the computer as a “Removable Device”, ie as external data storage. We all know that we have space on our iPhone or any iDevice but we cannot exploit it to the fullest. Well now you can. You just need to jailbreak your device, […]

How To Access Restricted Applications Or Websites With Your iPhone


On July 19, 2013

Here’s how to fool the system using a VPN. American radio applications like Pandora – Spotify or video ones like Hulu – Netflix and other sites in the state cannot be accessed by citizens other than the U.S. because these applications and websites check the ip to those who intend to use them and if […]

How To Save Unlock Files After Decoding Your iPhone With SAM


On July 17, 2013

This tutorial is addressed to all those who have unlocked their iPhone with the SAM program and is only for them. The purpose of this tutorial is to hold on to this decoding whatever updates Apple will bring. Also this tutorial only applies to the SIM card you have into the phone. If you want another […]

All You Need To Know About The Official iPhone Unlock


On July 14, 2013

As you know there are several ways of decoding an iPhone, depending on the model, iOS version and firmware baseband. For iPhones 4 with baseband firmware greater than 04.10.01 can not be decoded by software or Gevey, only by decoding only official. Let me explain what these decodings actually means. Decoding is based on IMEI’s, […]

Top 10 Most Interesting Tweaks That You Can Install After Jailbreak


On July 12, 2013

Having a jailbreak done means limitless customization and tweaks, here are the most interesting and important tweaks you can install: IntelliScreenX allows you to access from lockscreen mail information, Facebook, Twitter and Google Reader accounts and many others. SB Settings is the tweak without which I cannot stand. It provides shortcuts to iOS’s settings such […]

iOS 7 Beta 3 – All Updates Here (Constantly Updated Article) x29


On July 10, 2013

iOS 7 Beta 3 is available for all compatible devices, and in this article I have already presented the changelog published by Apple for this build. In the article that you are reading you will find information that Apple has not mentioned in the changelog dedicated to its build, changes more or less important that […]

Here Is How To Get Free iOS Apps Without Install0us


On July 8, 2013

As you know at the end of last year, hackulous servers were closed and once with this application, Install0us has stopped working. But we must not despair, there are many ways you can get all the apps for free. And we will divide them into two categories: legal and illegal. Legal methods There are many […]

8 Best iPhone Apps To Replace The Default Ones


On June 8, 2013

Apple does wonderful things and is the number one in the build phones and tablets but in some cases from the software point of view they are weak. Even in iOS 6, the stock of default applications, despite improvements, are good but often limited in what they should do. Many people are dissatisfied with default […]

Maps And Navigation For iPhone, 6 Alternatives to Apple Maps


On June 7, 2013

Eventually Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, had to make his excuses for the mediocrity of the current Apple Maps. The ones having an iPhone 5 or another model with iOS 6 can still install an alternative app and download a free browser with maps and other alternative better than the ones from Apple. Alternative applications with […]

The 10 Most Expensive Apps for iPhone and iPad, With Prices Up To 1000 Euros!


On May 31, 2013

Do not be fooled, the crisis they are talking about only serves to scare people to subvert those in power. The ones who have an iPhone or an iPad, and of course, is not the type that counts the money in the wallet before making a purchase will be very happy of this article devoted […]