iPhone Flow Curators Wanted


On December 3, 2009

I’m looking for a few curators for iPhoneFlow, our community contributed iPhone link blog. The site has a respectable readership — around 1000 twitter followers and 1200 or so feed subscribers — and is linked to from this site’s top level nav bar. Curators decide which links/stories go out on the RSS feed and are […]

App Store Data Mining Techniques Revealed – Part 1


On December 2, 2009

The App Store is a treasure trove of data. App Store data can help you pick a category/segment, track trends, find the right price point, chart the total number of apps, track the rate of app approval and much more. App Store data mining isn’t magic. It’s about finding data that’s exposed in iTunes, extracting […]

Holiday Giving: Support Mobile Orchard, Get Goodies


On December 1, 2009

The Holiday Giving Campaign has ended. Thanks for your support! Every year at around this time I make a small contribution to help cover the bandwidth expense of the This American Life podcast. It’s a holiday-season ritual: Ira Glass shows up at the beginning of the podcast and makes the case for contributing and, because […]

This Week in iPhone News – November 27/2009


On November 29, 2009

Update to last week’s big “developer leaving iPhone apps” story Apple reverses its decision and lets Rogue Amoeba’s app in with Apple imagery. Apple’s Schiller Defends iPhone App Approval Process Apple officially responds to criticisms about the App Store approval process. Paul Graham on Apple’s treatment of the dev community Respected developers begin fleeing from […]

Five Tips for Producing a Demo Video for Your iPhone App


On November 23, 2009

Guest author Aaron Kardell runs Performant Design and created the iGarageSale app. One of the best ways to showcase your application’s functionality is to produce a great video. A video is one of the few opportunities potential customers will have to experience your application before buying it. And, a great video is an important key […]

This Week in iPhone News – November 20/2009


On November 20, 2009

App Store dejection process – now Rogue Amoeba leaves the flock The App Store rejection process has been causing some long time Mac developers to decide to no longer develop for the iPhone. Reaction and analysis from Jeff LaMarche, John Gruber and Neil Mix. While Rivals Jockey For Market Share, Apple Bathes In Profits Apple […]

This Week in iPhone News – November 13/2009


On November 13, 2009

App Store Takes Tiny Step Toward Transparency An update to the iTunes Connect site for iPhone developers now shows more information regarding the status of your submission to the App Store. Google Mobs AdMob Big news this week with Google acquiring AdMob. Apple to Launch Verizon Phone in Q3 2010 News that may be music […]

Speaking at Mobile Portland This Thursday


On November 10, 2009

I’ll be speaking about developer run iPhone businesses at the Mobile Portland meeting this Thursday at 6pm. I’ll be in town for my Beginning iPhone Programming Workshop. It’s always fun to get together with other iPhone devs and we’ll likely go for drinks after the speech. Event details/RSVP here.

App Store "Released Date" Lists Now Omitting Updates


On November 9, 2009

Apple, it appears, has changed the selection criteria for inclusion in the Release Date lists. Updated apps are no longer included. Previously apparent policy changes to the App Store — e.g., the apparent disappearance of game sub-categories — turned out to be either bugs or experiments and were quickly rolled back. Releasing regular updates to […]

This Week in iPhone News – November 6/2009


On November 6, 2009

Ari’s ill. If only there were a novelty app that pretended to detect swine flu so we could diagnose him! Here are a few news items to tide you over until he returns next week. Two part Droid-vs.-iPhone series at MobileCrunch. Compares 25 features on the two phones — don’t expect an iPhone sweep! Most […]