CodePromo Distribution Options


On January 14, 2010

CodePromo, my app that makes it easy to generate & share promo codes, interfaces with iTunes Connect. Consequently it can’t be distributed in the App Store. I’m fine with that and knew it when I started. I’m writing this post to air the alternatives. My original plan was to distribute the application as a binary: […]

CodePromo: Generate/Send Promo Codes From Your iPhone — Beta Testers Wanted


On January 13, 2010

CodePromo is an iPhone app that interacts with iTunes Connect to generate promo codes for easy sharing. Motivation You’re chatting with someone. Might be at a bar, conference, or business meeting. You’re talking about your app — paid app to be precise — and decide that you’d like to share a copy of the app […]

This Week in iPhone News – January 08/2010


On January 8, 2010

Apple press event for January/27 Assumed to be the tablet announcement, TUAW’s Mike Schramm offers a nice summary of the rumors and specs speculations. Friendly iTunes links for your apps from Apple Best App Ever nominees announced Voting is open. Apple Taking iPhone to Verizon Wireless: The Discussion AT&T is due to lose their exclusivity […]

Opening The Facebook App To Your Facebook Fan Page


On January 6, 2010

Guest author Robert Strojan (@blackoutrobb) is the founder and lead iPhone app developer at Blackout Labs. He is also a speaker at the 360|iDev Conference in April. In September I wrote a post on about opening the Facebook iPhone app from within another app or from the web with the Facebook app’s custom URLs. […]

Pinch Media and Flurry Merge


On December 22, 2009

Peter Farago, VP/Marketing at the mobile analytics firm Flurry wrote to inform us that they’ve merged with Pinch Media. The combined company, which will retain the Flurry name, boasts impressive iPhone and Android coverage: four out of five iPhones and two out of three Android devices run apps that use analytics from the company. With […]

Best App Ever Awards: Better Odds


On December 21, 2009

148Apps is running their Best App Ever contest again this year to “help publicize the very best apps available” across 55 categories. I’m a bit of a broken record when it comes to app marketing: word of mouth to drive app discovery and social proof to give potential buyers remorse-free permission to purchase. The Best […]

This Week in iPhone News – December 18/2009


On December 18, 2009

Apple Redesigns US App Store with Less Words, More Pictures Apple has recently redesigned the look and feel of the App Store to better showcase the applications. Bar-code Scanning RedLaser iPhone App Reaches 750K Downloads, Over $1M In Revenue Financial information on just how successful the makers of “RedLaser” have been. iPhone Users Urged to […]

This Week in iPhone News – December 11/2009


On December 11, 2009

The Sensors in your iPhone An informative talk on the sensors in the iPhone given at the Where 2.0 Online Conference of 2009. Command Guru Webcast reality TV featuring Aaron Hillegass leading ten devs/designers — including friend-of-the-site and creator of the icon-set that’s part of our holiday giving bundle Eddie Wilson — in week long, […]

This Week in iPhone News – December 4/2009


On December 4, 2009

Paper Toss Developer Earns $125,000 in Monthly Ad Revenue Interesting details on the success of an iPhone game developer. iPhone Credit Card Reader ‘Square’ Goes Live Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey’s new start-up is now open to trial users. With a hardware device you can make purchases with your credit card on the go with your […]

Returning An App In iTunes



Earlier this week I inadvertently purchased an app by clicking its “Buy” button when I’d intended to click through to see its product page. I’d never gone through the return process and suspect many other devs haven’t either, so I recorded a rough screencast. View in low-res below, or in higher-resolution at Vimeo: The number […]