Palm Mojo/webOS SDK Pre-view Available


On April 3, 2009

Palm’s Pre Phone made quite a splash when it was announced at CES in January. In addition to iPhone-like multi-touch, a feature Google shelved on Android for fears of patent litigation, the Pre’s wow factor was bolstered by webOS. Using webOS, developers create native applications with full access to the hardware, support for background tasks […]

iPhone 3.0 JavaScript Performance: 3-10x Increase


On March 31, 2009

Wayne Pan benchmarked JavaScript on the iPhone 3.0 beta as compared to the 2.2 release and found performance improvements of 3-10x for various calculations: Wayne’s blog adds some details and includes a spreadsheet with the raw results. It appears, based on research done by Ajaxian (using their Webkit detector) that 3.0 could be using the […]

Getting Ready For Core Data In 3.0


On March 25, 2009

As noted by Jeff LaMarche, iPhone 3.0 includes the previously-absent Core Data API. While Core Data is a core component to OS-X programming, many iPhone developers will be unfamiliar with it, having skipped directly to Cocoa Touch without ever touching Cocoa. We’ve put together a compact set of three resources that introduce — from decidedly […]

Joe Hewitt's Three20 Project


On March 24, 2009

Less than a week after he released Facebook Connect for iPhone, Joe Hewitt has posted the code for Three20, an expansive, open-source collection of UI components and HTTP/web inspired architectural elements. The project has an interesting lineage: most of the functionality was part of Facebook for iPhone 2.2, but the library doesn’t directly re-use the […]

3.0's Missing Trialware Business Model


On March 23, 2009

One of most talked about features from the upcoming iPhone 3.0 release is In-App Purchases. The examples from 3.0 preview event illustrate its use: game developers can sell additional levels, city guides can sell new locations, and e-book readers can purchase new paid content. These are all obvious wins for iPhone app developers, though it […]

10 Useful Links about the iPhone OS 3.0 Preview for Developers


On March 18, 2009

Today, Apple held an iPhone OS 3.0 Preview event for developers and the press. The upgrade itself won’t be available to end users until summer so as a developer you’re looking at a minimum 3 month lead time to develop updates and new products based around the new features. This hasn’t stopped the blogosphere going […]

Some Brutally Honest iPhone App Sales Numbers: $32k Spent vs $535 Revenue


On March 11, 2009

Owen Goss is the developer of Dapple, a cute color matching puzzle game for the iPhone (you may also remember his memory leaks tutorial here on Mobile Orchard). Despite having a slick site, good gameplay videos, and so forth, it hasn’t sold too well. So Owen’s written The Numbers Post (aka Brutal Honesty) where he […]

Revealed: Secrets of the App Store (and iPhone User Engagement)


On February 19, 2009

Pinch Media, an iPhone developer tool company, is the developer of Pinch Analytics and Pinch Advertising. Pinch Analytics is designed to help you see how users use your iPhone apps and see your download numbers in real time. Punch Advertising, on the other hand, lets you add advertising in to your iPhone apps easily (ideally […]

iPhoneFlow: An iPhone Development Community Link Blog


On February 16, 2009

If you’re a Ruby developer, you might be familiar with RubyFlow, a popular Ruby community link blog. Well.. we’ve decided to bring a little bit of that community spirit to the iPhone development community too.. presenting.. iPhoneFlow! iPhoneFlow is a community link blog for iPhone developers. You can either just read and check out the […]

Get "Beginning iPhone Development" E-book For $10 (Today Only)!


On January 10, 2009

As part of their “eBook Deal of the Day” promotion, Apress has, for Saturday, January 10th, 2008 only, made Beginning iPhone Development by Dave Mark and Jeff LaMarche available for $10 in e-book form. Click here to see the daily deal page. If it’s past January 10th, you will no longer see the book for […]