Wuggle – Review


On June 10, 2009

4J Studios wants to know, do you Wuggle?

Wuggle is a new tactile word game from 4J Studios.  The goal of the game is to make words by piecing together floating tiles.

Jump on the 3G if you aren’t wanting to spend $199!


On June 9, 2009

I logged into ATT looking for options to preorder the 3GS.  Here is what is avaiable for upgrade.  Pretty good prices if you are not wanting to spend full price on the new version and do not need all of the new features. 

iPhone 3G S Let’s talk features.


On June 8, 2009

Due to technical difficulties, I am posting this for Dan.  These are his words.

So another Apple keynote is over and the evaluation begins. As has been the case recently, many of the last-minute rumors turned out to be entirely true while some key ones decidedly false. My suspicion is that perspectives are going to be all across the board. People who came into the process expecting something completely radical or some huge surprise were likely disappointed by what is, by and large, evolutionary across the board. For those who were quite happy with the status quo, however I suspect that there was a great deal to like.

Having sold my iPhone 3G2 weeks ago in anticipation of an upgrade, I couldn’t be happier with two of my decisions. First, I’m glad I sold the iPhone before the unbelievable price drop of the 8 GB iPhone 3G which all but destroys the high end of the resale market. At the same time, I took a gamble and didn’t sell any of my iPhone 3G accessories. I was hoping upon hope that the new iPhone’s body would be similar enough that external batteries and cases would still fit. Good call. 

iPhone 3G-S announced!

Check out the new features.

Updates to MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air lines.

Snow Leopard:  Updates to Finder, Dock, Preview, Safari.  $29 Upgrade!!!!!

Iphone 3.0 available June 17!

Free for existing iPhone customers and $9.99 for Touch users.

iPhone 3GS

Image from Engadget

Same design.

Much faster.

3mp Autofocus Camera!!


Voice Control.  Control calls and ipod including Genius.


Much improved battery life.

$199 16gb  $299 32gb 

Black and White available.

Available June 19!!!!!!!!!!!!

Old 3G $99.

iPhone, My Gateway Gadget Of Choice



On the eve of WWDC I got to thinking about how the iPhone. Released less than two years ago it has changed mobile phones and handheld computing forever.  Along the way it has completely transformed the technology I own and the way I use it. A few thoughts…

I never planned on getting an iPhone- quite the contrary actually. Two years ago this time I watched the excitement mount as the release of the initial iPhone drew near with a sense of scorn. (Yes, Scorn!) I referred to the people jumping on the device as lemmings. I laughed at the "closed-offness" of the platform, the use of only web apps the uber-control Apple was already demonstrating in its regard.  I could not believe people actually camped out for it.

I had no interest in the iPhone whatsoever… except as fodder for jokes. Then one day all that changed…

NetNewsWire News



They say that timing is everything but the timing on this is a bit freaky.

Just last night I was reading an article using NetNewsWire (I continue to bounce back and forth between NetNewsWire and Google Reader with some iNews mixed in) and thought to myself- "Self, it has been a long long while since this app was updated. I wonder what is going on???"

Well, just hours later…

No Surprise Here…


On June 7, 2009


There are bound to be a few surprises at tomorrow’s WWDC kick off. Maybe Steve Jobs will take the stage briefly. Maybe the iPhone 2009 will be available sooner than the expected mid-July norm. Maybe iPhone OS will be available for immediate download. Yes, we’re talking Apple so there are BOUND to be surprises. 



Can You See Me Now?



It wasn’t all that many years ago that I placed a cell call from the top of Masada along the coast of the Dead Sea to my parents while they were vacationing in Hawaii. At the time a cell call from the middle of nowhere to an island paradise seemed to much to believe considering the state of technology and my parents thought I was joking.

Just ten years later a device that is truly a handheld computer is not only a reality but a key part of everyday life. The idea of video chat from the handheld, however still seems a bit hard to believe, especially when many still struggle to get a cell connection at home.

Even still, streaming with qik using the CURRENT hardware works surprisingly well and these images that just popper up… they look pretty darn convincing…. So… maybe… just maybe… this is real…

Asked And Answered…



Engadget Asks, "Is This The New iPhone?"

And I Answer… I SURE HOPE SO!!!

Engadget just posted these pictures (after the jump) and ponders whether these spy shots are the new iPhone we will be seeing in less than 48 hours.

SpinVox SpinOffs


On June 6, 2009

One of the best voice to text conversion systems comes from SpinVox. As a means of converting voicemail to text and having it sent back as an e-mail is second to none. The conversions are accurate and surprisingly quick.

Moreover, it is the source of the transcription technology behind the voice of application QuickVoice Pro, about which we have written a fair amount previously. I was to see word that the company is expanding further yet.