Gmail for iPhone Goes Mute – News Of The Day


On April 30, 2009

Gmail for the iPhone and iPod Touch saw a nice update last month that made it faster and easier to use. Yesterday Google took another step in this direction with a small, but fantastic, new feature called "Muting".

Muting a message opts you out of further messages in any given thread. For example, if there is a converstion taking place between four co-workers but it is not in an area you work, you no longer have to see the additional 97 emails on it.

The "mute" is in the drop-down options under More.

I’m embarrassed to admit that I didn’t know about this feature in Gmail at all but now that I do I’ll be using it a lot on both my iPhone and desktop.

More details at the Google Mobile Blog.




via CNET News

Update – BlogPress



I’ve been finding Blogpress to be increasingly useful for short posts on things such as new app update announcements. It let’s me input images and format them in a variety of ways.

It is a simple WYSIWYG editor that allows for multiple images and posting to numerous sites using the same text. Moreover, it supports a wide range of blogging platforms. I’ve personally used it to post to Wordpress, Blogger and Drupal sites and it works well for each. Add to that support for landscape typing and you have a rather nice mobile blogging platform.

A recent update adds support for emoticons. It is a nice little extra that provides a chance to once again highlight an excellent iPhone blogging app.

The app is $2.99. The update is free. — Post From My iPhone

First Todo Promo Code Awarded


On April 29, 2009

We just awarded the first promo code was just awarded and it goes to the author of the task to the left…

And that author is… Danish Bob!

We hope he finds Todo helpful and look forward to hearing what he thinks of it. Thanks to Appigo for making this possible. Remember, there are four more codes to give out.

— Post From My iPhone

Truphone 3.0 Now Available



Of all the "AT&T alternatives" for the iPhone Truphone is BY FAR the best.

The sound quality is superb. It loads quickly. And it offers a variety of plans. I find myself using it more and more when I am in a WiFi area. (Between it and Google Voice my calling habits have changed significantly in recent weeks.)

I’ve had a preview of Truphone 3.0 for the last week or so and it is now out for the general public. It is WORTH A LOOK!

The full announcement after the jump…

Reuters “Apple using iPhone to play AT&T against Verizon?” – News Of The Day



Now THIS is getting interesting. Many of us expect that the news leaks about AT&T trying to extend their exclusive with Apple and about Verizon being in talks with apple was Apple playing one off the other. Now Reuters is suggesting the same thing…

*Apple in talks with Verizon on wireless devices

* AT&T expected to offer attractive terms to keep iPhone

* Analysts see Apple driving hard bargain for iPhone

"Apple appears to be playing the top two US mobile operators AT&T Inc (TN) and Verizon Wireless against each other as it shops for the next distributor for its popular iPhone. Whether one or both operators sign a deal, analysts are in no doubt that Apple wins in the end."

 Apple using iPhone to play AT&T against Verizon?


Great tech AND drama? What could be better?

A Taste Of Things To Come- Paying For Apps Over and Over Again



We’ve been spoiled- all of us.

We know the drill… We are used to paying ten, twenty, fifty and sometimes a hundred dollars or more for a good computer application. From there, we expect that minor updates are free, but that version jumps that represent significant updates will cost additional money. (Often at a discounted price but additional money none-the-less.)

On our iPhone’s, however, it is an entirely different story.

Ten dollars is a lot for an iPhone app. There are some that cost more but most are in the $.99 – $9.99 range, with the latter making people stop and think before buying.

After the purchase, however, whether $.99 or $9.99, we expect that updates are free. And, for the most part, they have been.

When Twittelator Pro jumped to version 2.0 the developer, Big Stone Phone made it a FREE update.

When Todo just jumped to version 2.0 the developer, Appigo, made it a free update.

Heck, even Byline was a free update when it jumped to version 2.0 and is free again with its move to Version 2.5.

Not so Simplify Media.

Update – ByLine



Byline, the first truly impressive RSS reader to sync with Google Reader, just got a nice bump in Verison number and usefulness.

As you can see in the screenshot, the update brings a serious improvement in sync time, more options for sorting headlines, the ability to wrap headlines to a second line, zooming and much more.

The app has a new icon and a new look and, a new place on my iPhone since it is vastly improved. The speed increas is enough to make it worth a look.

More information HERE.

Exclusive Look – WebIS Pocket Informant 1.02



Pocket Informant Version 1 was really good. It was stable and full-featured enough to immediately become my go-to time management app.

Pocket Informant Version 1.01 offered a huge speed improvement, brought even more stability and added some great features like shared Google Calendar Sync, the ability to pick which calendars sync, and much much more.

What’s in store for the upcoming Version 1.02?

Among other things… user customizable groups and quick insertion of tasks.

It is great to see that PI, which was only released a few weeks ago, is already maturing quickly!

Here’s a quick sneak peak at the upcoming update…



For more information visit the WebIS site HERE.

For our initial review and to grab the app visit HERE.

Another Chance To Win A Copy Of Appigo’s Todo



If you want to win a copy of Appigo’s recently-updated-to Version 2.0, Todo task management app remember to leave your todo list in the contest post.


for another chance to win a copy jump over to Gear Diary. One copy will also be given away each day for the next five days there. For a chance to win just visit the link HERE.

PromoCode Giveaway – ToDo


On April 28, 2009

As we posted last night, Appigo’s Todo just got bumped up to Version 2.0. It is a big jump for an app that was already the most full-featured, Toodledo-syncing, app available.

Better still, it not only syncs with Toodledo but with a Remember The Milk Pro account and with Appigo’s own FREE desktop sync program for use with iCal on a Mac.

It is an impressive app that is well worth the $9.99 price. It is even MORE impressive when you can get it for free and… thanks to our friends at Appigo, you can do just that.

Read on for a chance to win…

We are giving way one copy of Todo each day for at least the next five days. For a chance to win one simply leave a comment with your Todo list of at least 6 items. Make it funny… keep it clean… make us laugh.

And after you leave your comment make sure to jump on over to Appigo’s site to learn more about their other great apps.