beamME – Buy An App, Save Some Cash, Plant A Tree


On April 21, 2009

App developer rmbrme is celebrating Earth Day in an unusual and creative way. Not only have the discounted their apps but, in partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation, a tree will be planted for every copy of their app that is sold.

Not only is it an interesting and innovative promotion, but it is a fitting one since, according to their press release, beamME users

"have saved over 100,000 wasteful paper exchanges… reducing carbon just by networking with their iPhones".

Sling Mobile – Cutting Through The Rumors



Excited by Sling’s announcement that they had submitted SlingPlayer for iPhone to the App Store three weks ago I used a GC to Amazon to pick up a SlingPlayer Solo. Now, three weeks later, I love having a SlingPlayer to watch my den TV while in my study or out and about, but… stil no iSling.

Rumors have been circulating that it was canceled after AT&T stepped in and complained. Those rumors were, in part, fueled by AT&T releasing and recanting a new user agreement that specifically disallowed the use of apps such as SlingPlayer over their network. The rumors, being what they are on the net, quickly tuned from "Apple may reject…" to "Apple rejected…"

So what’s the truth? TUAW‘s Mel Martin to the "bold" step of actually contacting Sling and getting an answer directly from them. (I know,I know, who DO such a thing..)

Here’s what they told him…

NEVER Listen To VoiceMail Again- SpinVox: a second look


On April 20, 2009

I was speaking with a friend yesterday who happens to be as big a gadget hound as I am. For years, whenever we would see each other we would compare notes on what devices we were both using. Over the last year however we are both using an iPhone so now the conversation isn’t about devices as much as it is about apps.

In the midst of our conversation he commented, "I just wish that I could get my voicemail as an e-mail instead of voice. Listening to voice mail is just so inconvenient."

I told him that I hadn’t listened to a voicemail in over two months. Mine, I said are transcribed and sent to me as an email. I love it and will never go back. Needless to say, he was curious and wanted to know more.

Update – ReadItLater



Dereck’s review of ReadItLater had me sold on the app before I was even done reading the review. I bought the Pro version and am finding it to be everything he said and more.

The Firefox plugin is fantastic and it not only is great for letting me save web pages for later access, but it has changed the way I move through my Google Reader articles. Thanks to RIL, I now mark any article I might want to read later for later access and then, when time permits, I read it using the app. It is a terrific system and I am grateful to Derick for the recommendation.

Well, RIL Pro has already received a nice update.

In addition to the requisite bug fixes it also improves the speed when used over Edge.

That, however, is not the reason for the upgrade… this is…

WOiP Welcomes…or… “Who’s On What’s On iPhone”


On April 19, 2009

You may have noticed that we have the pleasure of having two superb new writers here on What’s On iPhone.

Both Gretchen and Derick bring a wealth of technology experience and iPhone/Touch enthusiasm to the site and I/we could not be happier to have them as part of our on-going effort to bring you iPhone app news and reviews.

Here’s a bit about each…

New In The App Store : iNews Lite



While it may not sync with Google Reader, it does synchronize your Favorites and Starred Items from Google Reader. And, more importantly, it offers one of the quickest and easiest to use interfaces I have ever tried. It looks and works beautifully!

The full version is usually $3.99 but is currently on sale for $.99. That is, in my opinion, a bargain.)

Better still however, a new limited Lite version that accepts up to 6 feed sources. It is a great way to access a few special feeds in their own reader.

It is worth noting that this Lite version includes many of the upgrades, such as the fantastic magazine-like interface and toolbar, that will be coming in vesion 2.0 of iNews. The update has been submitted to Apple and will, hopefully, be approved in the next few days.

Details and a video of the special motion-gesture navigation.


It Was Worth A Shot – Using Whiteboard Capture To Capture Text



Whiteboard Capture is an interesting single-purpose app that lets you capture pictures of your white board, filter it, and save a clean, easy to read digital image.

You can also take pictures quickly using the standard camera and clean them up using the app later.

Basically, the app is a limited filter that does one trick and does it quickly and easily.

If you do a lot of work using a Whiteboard I can see it being quite handy for just $1.99.

I don’t use White Boards a lot, but I thought there might be another use for it…

Updated – Bejeweled 2



A true classic, Bejeweled 2 now sells at a reasonable $2.99. For that you get a great game that will bring hours of casual gaming entertainment.

Just updated to Version 1.1, the game now loads faster than ever, includes the entire original musical score from Bejeweled 2 (over 40 minutes) and has numerous performance enhancements under the hood.

A nice, but not earth-shattering update, Bejeweled 2 Version 1.1 can be purchased HERE in the App Store.

Free Web Storage and App From FilesAnywhere


On April 18, 2009

Online storage is dirt cheap these days but it doesn’t come any cheaper than this. FilesAnywhere is an online storage service that comes complete with its own iPhone app. They offer 1GB of online storage that won’t expire after an introductory period and remains yours so long as you log into your account once every two months.

Not a bad deal. Details, and a warning, after the break…

Update – Ambiance



Ambiance is one of the best "sound generating" apps available. It offers high quality sounds that can be mixed in an unlimited number of ways to create a highly unique experience.

It is…

an "environment enhancer" designed to help you create the perfect ambient atmosphere to focus or relax. You can choose from hundreds of free sounds, exclusive to Ambiance, to download and listen to, create customized sound mixes, cycle through playlists, wake up to relaxing sounds and more!

The new update to version 2.0 offers a huge number of upgrades.