New In The App Store – JetSet Lite


On March 9, 2009

Thanks to our friends at BriteMac we have copies of the full, paid version of JetSet Expenses available. Details can be found HERE.

In the meantime, BriteMac has just released JetSet Expenses Lite. JetSet Expenses Lite is an advertising supported free version of the app and it is remarkably full-featured!

Among the limitations with the Lite version:

Memengo Wallet Giveaway


On March 8, 2009

 1. Drastically improved display of large text notes. Touch the note and a new view opens up – unlimited in length, it also allows you to pinch, zoom and rotate to get the most ouf of the screen.

2. New card type "Software registration".

3. A wallet now can be deleted even if the key is forgotten.

These are what’s new in the latest version of my password management app of choice, Memengo Wallet. Why am I so inclined to use it, you ask? In my review of the app I said,

"Memengo Wallet makes it naturally easy to store sensitive information on the iPhone. The companion Web application is also a plus…"

App Update – FileMagic


On March 7, 2009

I was impressed with FileMagic, the SplashData application that allows you to transfer files from your Mac or PC to your iPhone or iPod Touch and back again, when I looked at the initial release a bit back. 

 In my review I noted-

The user interface is as nice as I have seen. On the iPhone/iPod Touch the files are sorted based upon type. There’s an area for documents, one for music, one for video, one for images, one for e-mail, one for "others" (the dangerous black hole of "miscellaneous") and an area for folders that you have transferred. That’s right, the application makes it simple to transform both individual files and entire folders. What I particularly like is that these areas are easily distinguishable one from the other and are large enough to be "finger friendly". If you want to grab images that you transferred it simple to do so with a thumb. The graphical interface for the server looks similar and provides an easy area into which you can drag files or folders you want to transfer. That’s right, the application is able to easily handle drag and drop file movement.

I especially liked the feature that lets you create an e-mail on your notebook, transfer that e-mail to your iPhone and then send it from therefor those times when a WiFi connection is not available for your notebook.

Now word comes that SplashData has launched version 2.0 of File Magic for iPhone.

App Update and Giveaway – JetSet Expenses



When I reviewed the initial release of BriteMac’s JetSet Expenses I wrote-

I don’t do a lot of business travel but when I do I HATE having to keep track of my expenses. Every trip it is the same thing- I plan on keeping accurate records of everything and putting in for reimbursement the day I get back but, inevitably, by the third Taxi ride I am stuffing receipts in my pocket in the most disorganized way. I inevitably lose a few receipts each time and, as a result, am rarely able to be fully reimbursed after a trip.

That won’t be happening any longer thanks to a newly updated version of JetSet. JetSet makes expense tracking simple and intuitive and, since it is resident on your iPhone, it is always with you. That helps ensure that every expense will be recorded in real time. In addition, at the end of a trip, JetSet makes organizing the records simple.

JetSet Expenses is one of those apps that help turn the iPhone into a serious business tool. It was a VERY good app then. It is EVEN BETTER now!

Another Day.. Another Gun App – i-Gun


On March 6, 2009

The folks at Vanilla Breeze have released their version of the iPhone version of a gun. According to them i-Gun, is "the Ultimate Handgun Experience".

I’m not sure about "ultimate" but I do know they did a decent job creating a toy gun on a touch screen.

The app starts with the image of a full gun but, after "loading one in the chamber" it zooms in to show to body of the gun and a full clip.

From there the trigger can be pulled, the gun fires and vibrates (iPhone only obviously) and the sound of a cartridge being ejected can be heard. When the clip is emptied the image zooms out to show the clip drop out and another load to start the process over again.

All in all, if you want a "gun on iPhone" app this isn’t a bad choice.

Video of the app in action after the break.

You can get it HERE for $.99.







New In The App Store – Eye-Fi


On March 5, 2009

Here’s an app I’ve been anxiously awaiting…

I thought the Eye-Fi card that lets you wirelessly upload your pictures from its wifi enabled SD card in any camera to your computer and/or online service like Picassa was silly until I actually tried it last year. Once I did I was a believer.

The convenience of the little utility is amazing. I take a picture and within seconds it is on my computer, in my Evernote account and on Picassa. I love it and wouldn’t go without an Eye-Fi card in my camera.

Now along comes the Eye-Fi app that was announced a few months ago. It does for the iPhone what the Eye-Fi card does for a stand alone camera.

5000+ Sounds Released



And you thought 2000 Sounds in one app was enough, Portable Arts has just released 5000+ Sounds!  Tons of new categories, lots of new high quality sounds.

Since it’s Dimitri’s company, we won’t review it…

but we will give you promo codes, let us know if you want one (first 5 who ask will get them, just post some feedback on iTunes!)… 5 Given out, If anyone else is interested, we will issue another 5, let us know in the comments!

Here’s the link to check it out…

Pocket Informant Update



I thought I would post a quick update on the much anticipated upcoming release Pocket Informant from WebIS.

The good news is… it is coming VERY soon. The bad news (which isn’t so bad) is that I don’t have a date to tell you.

I can, however, tell you that…

iNews 1.3 Codes Awarded



I’m loving iNews since the update to version 1.3. While I truly miss having full Google Reader sync on it, the app itself is so fast and easy to use that it makes RSS feed reading an absolute pleasure.

We had five codes to give away to readers and they just went out to…


A huge thanks to Agustinus Feiry, the developer behind iNews for his continued support of WOiP.


You can get iNews HERE.

Jennifer Is Back In Touch…



Hello again, I am back and hopefully to stay this time. Unfortunately my laptop did the final crash and burn. I then attempted to post from my Touch and sneeking in time to  write while working.  Neither option worked very well for me, so I put my blogging on hold until I replaced my beloved laptop.

I am here to report that I am the proud recipient of a MacBook Pro, on loan from Wayne. He said he would buy a new one for himself if I asked nicely. I never asked and yet the gadgetaholic bought one anyone- what a guy! I can’t and won’t complain as I was granted gaurdian-ship over his 1 year old MacBook Pro.

This is a wonderful thing…..however, I have always been a Windows user and not a confident one at that. I am not computer savvy and not very knowledgeable when it comes down to it.

Before I begin I must do a few things;
      a. Learn to navigate a Mac
      b. Get over my fear of trying something new-in the gadget/tech world
      c. (Most relevant for WOiP…) Reset my iTouch to factory conditions and sync to the MacBook!