iNews Giveaway


On February 9, 2009

We thought we would start the week with a few promocodes. So…

iNews codes just went out to WOiP readers…

am-woi  akame  irene1975 droozen  bruceldavies toka  Teatro13  chaddesignsndev  e9gle leif

iNews version 1.2 was released last week. It brought a host of new features.

According to an email from the developer, version 1.3 should be coming soon and bring with it some sync-ability with Google Reader.

We’ll let you know when it comes out.

In the meantime, we hope our readers enjoy their new app and look forward to hearing what they think.

iNews is available HERE for $3.99 in the App Store.

Coach’s Trip Into Jailbroken Bliss

Disclaimer: This is my personal trek into the world of jailbreaking an iPhone. Neither I nor WOIP either encourage or discourage you from doing the same. You know the risks involved and what Apple thinks about it!

So I had a really rough week, 2 of my players’ legs in casts, the rest sick, including myself. Then we lost a close one Friday night. I get up Saturday morning thinking I needed to do something. So I log into WOIP and see a post from The People’s Champ about jailbreaking his phone. I thought, there it is! I’ll just jailbreak my phone and maybe forget about my team woes and loss for a while. Here is my experience down the dark path.

App Update – DVR Remote


On February 8, 2009

I love the DVR Remote app and have been happily using it since getting my HD TiVo a few weeks ago. Not having to search for the TiVo remote us a pleasure and having a full keyboard is key now that Amazon and NetFlix stream right to the HD Tivo. Searching for program using a keyboard rather than going letter by letter… Priceless! I’m even happier with it since it received yet another update. This one bring stability, some UI changes and a nifty "in the app" browser fir jumping to TiVo Online when need be. Other enhancements include…





— Post From My iPhone

App Update- BlogPress



I’ve been trying to remote post from my iPhone and iPod Touch for a while now. It is even more important for me since I have built a new website for my vocation and it uses Blogger extensively. (Basically Blogger sites are embedded in the main website to make updating content a breeze.)

Having the ability to snap a picture and quickly post from my iPhone is key, especially since most of my colleagues and others who might post also use iPhones. (ah the life of an iPhone evangalist.)

I’ve been using iBlogger extensively but saw that BlogPress received an update. It is mostly stability and use updates but I thought I would give it a try and see how it works.

This post is written and published from my Touch. BlogPress 1.3.3 is available now for $9.99.


— Post From My Touch

ToDo PromoCodes Awarded


On February 7, 2009

Promo codes to Appigo’s awesome ToDo were awarded to WOiP readers-


We know they will both find it to be super useful.

Thanks once again to our friends at Appigo for their on-going support of WOiP and for making and updating some great apps. 

Now In The WOiP Developer’s Corner…



We are thrilled to see developers using the WOiP Developer’s Corner to share news of app updates and offer promo codes to their creations.

Here are three of the latest posts (click any to jump on over)…



Distant Shore – Just Released

StockTrac – Promo Code Giveaway

Sheepstacker – Game for iPhone and iPod Touch


Cool Reversi Promo Codes Awarded



All 15 WOiP readers who left us a comment and bragged about their board game of choice can now play my favorite Cool Reversi on their devices as each of them is entitled to a promo code to download the game for free. They are…

akame, robert, MikeC, nolefan93, mattocw, Idaho Dad, Wonderboy, gary001, ahrucool, drewschoen, nnickerson, irene1975, mhans13, dbng and droozen.

We hope they beat everyone at this cool iPhone game as well!

App Update – WideEmail Goes Twitter



When I reviewed WideMail a few months back I wrote-

Among the most important time-saving utilities on my Mac, is a little application called TextExpander (TE). At its most basic, TE is about text macros, little shortcuts that let me type one thing into the keyboard and have the computer type a very different, and usually loner or more complex thing, on the screen.

For example, if I type my initials but double up on the first letter, TE inputs my email address into the text I am writing. If I type the initials of this website but double up on the "w", TE types the site’s url. It is a HUGE timesaver!

So having it on my Mac has made my life a lot easier. What about my iPhone, you ask? 

Well, WideMail was just updated to version 1.2 and a simple, but useful, version of this same functionality is part of it.

I updated my copy of the application, set up a number of these shortcuts, and started using it. How is it?

Apple NEEDS to make this part of the Mail app’s functionality! That is how good this is.

Well, good just got better with…

App Update – JetSet Expenses



I reviewed JetSet back in September and have been using it ever since. I find it to be a great way to keep track of expenses.

I’ve also had the opportunity to Beta test the next version and it is a winner.

Better still, it is now available in the App Store.

JetSet is… "unlike any other business travel expense tracking and reporting software available for the iPhone. JetSet is full of features and fun and easy to use allowing you to enter expenses as they happen."

It features:

-Quick expense category selection with JetSet’s unique visual icons. 15 major expense categories and 100+ sub-expense categories allowing you to easily choose and classify expenses without typing.

– Intuitive user experience designed for easy expense data entry requiring minimal typing. No diving in and out of menus!

– Detailed expense reporting capabilities providing expense category summaries and itemized detail for meals, mileage, entertainment and all other expense categories.

– Built in business calculator with percent key that can be used to record expense amounts and split expenses, and can be used as a stand-alone calculator within the program.

– Built in Airline, Hotel and Rental Car databases with one-touch connectivity via telephone or the web — don’t worry these contacts won’t get merged into your address book!

– Built in one-touch camera feature for photographing receipts for individual expenses. Photos are stored with individual expenses and added to your photo gallery and will sync with your PC or Macintosh.

– Expense comments section provides one-touch access to the iPhone Address Book allowing user to select names associated with business expense receipts for all expense types.

– Smart Start/End Dates that change as you enter and delete expenses.

– Compatibility with Google Spreadsheet and Microsoft Excel using a single cut and paste to copy data.

– Complete support for uploading, sharing, and storing and editing expense reports using Goggle Spreadsheet.

– Complete support for emailing your expense reports using the built in iPhone mail client.

– Support for simultaneously tracking multiple expense reports including global views providing individual report totals.

With this new update…

In a few simple words, jailbreaking is fantastic…

Are you tired of your iPhone not being customizable? No themes or different colors. You can’t change the battery symbol when it charges, or add a background image to your SpringBoard. Apple didn’t give us a lot of leway when it came to making our iPhone truly our own. All of those problems go away with a few simple steps that lead to your phone being jailbroken. Customizable fonts, themes, lockscreens, wallpapers, and much much more become available once you take the steps required to rid yourself of the binds Apple put into place. If you are interested in jailbreaking, or if this is your first time even hearing about this process please read on to discover everything I have personally discovered over the past couple weeks having my phone jailbroke.

In a few simple words, jailbreaking is fantastic.