Caption This Contest Winners


On January 22, 2009

We had some excellent suggestions for various captions to it has to be one of the funniest pictures I’ve seen in a long time.

Among my personal favorites –

Reader drewschoen-
I wonder if SnapTell will recognize Lincoln’s bible . . . If only I could get this guy to move his hand a little to the right.

Reader byutanner-
Where’s the volume on this thing… With that guy talking, I can’t hear my tap tap revenge.

Reader cwazywabbit-
Where’s That Coin Toss App? Heads, he get’s it right…. Tails, he gets it wrong! Tails it is!

Reader mattocw-…register new domain, Sweet. Alll mine. Cha-ching. Daddy gonna buy a Prius.

And my two favorites—

Reader MacToddB-
New iPhone Oath of Office app: iStateYourName

Reader lgreenberg
"I think he just screwed up the oath of office. Let me bring up Google Mobile and find out. Yep, he botched it."

Everyone who entered is invited to look over the promotional codes still available in the Developer’s Corner and leave a comment here as to which application you would like. So long as those individuals before you haven’t depleted the stock it’s yours.

(MacToddB and lgreenberg-  Choose two applications as a small thanks for making me laugh out loud!)

Top Paid App Gets Pulled Off App Store



Yup, the top paid app just got pulled, but it is not what you think.

iShoot, currently the number one paid app in iTunes, is alive and well but, sadly, another paid app hasn’t fared so well.

First, a preamble. Some of you may already be aware that I write all the way from the Asian archipelago known as the Philippines. Being an iPhone enthusiast based outside the "US and A," more often than not I would find myself stuck in a rut. Given my situation, it was particularly difficult to deal with the iTunes Store. First, the Philippine iTunes Store comprises the App Store, the App Store, and the App Store. That’s right. No music, no movies, no podcasts. Just apps. So if you don’t possess an iPhone or an iPod Touch, our local iTunes Store is definitely not the place to shop. Then there’s the issue of promo code redemption. Promo codes can only be used with US iTunes accounts in the US iTunes Store, so it’s no wonder a ‘Redeem’ link is nowhere to be seen in the Philippine version of the store. Lucky for me though, I am within reach of a US-funded account and I was able to create a US iTunes account. Never mind that the Pandora Radio app is practically useless where I’m at due to some license restrictions. I am now able to purchase music, download podcasts and redeem codes for apps that I review on WOiP from the US iTunes Store. Happy times indeed. But every now and then I would find myself checking back on our local store, if only to see what my neighbors are currently into.

Agent18 Case For iPhone 3G – Review and Giveaway


On January 21, 2009

Dan posted a review on the The Agent 18 Slim Ecoshield a few weeks back. I’ve been using one too and wanted to offer my take on the case…

The Agent 18 Slim Ecoshield is an interesting product as it is created from plastic bottles.  The price for the shield is $27.95 so they are very affordable. The shield is made of a lightweight plastic and comes in two pieces that snap together. 

I had a shortlived concern that the plastic on the top half was a bit flimsy.  Once the included screen protector was installed and the two halves were connected, the concern about the plastic was no more.  The shield fits perfectly. 

Even I Wouldn’t Have Done This…




This image from Gizmodo was too good not to share!

I have been accused of fiddling with my iPhone at inopportune moments but even I would not have had my iPhone out as the new US president was sworn in — at least not unless I was taking a picture.

It seems to me a picture like this deserves a good caption. So, leave your best caption below for a chance to have your pick of a promotional code from the many that are still available as part of our Developer’s Corner.

Jennifer’s Touch – Can I get there from here?



Happy Day After Inauguration Day everyone…….  When I last posted I was a bit frustrated with the authorization process between my laptop and iTunes account so I asked for some help.  I received wonderful directions from swimforlife9.  I printed out the step by step directions, posted in the my comments section, so I would have it handy when I sat down to finish the task. I will admit I was a bit scared.  The idea of not succeeding with the worlds simplest directions, and having to admit to all of you,  caused me to lag.

Let me give you a little insight as to why this took my so long to accomplish!  At the same time I was also testing out a new preschool game for review and wanted to include photos in my write up- a big step for me.

300 Bowl – A Second Look



 Editorial note- we previously reviewed 300 Bowl but here is a second look from a different perspective…

From the Developers Website:

“300 Bowl is the only true bowling simulation with a realistic view of the bowling alley.

Use your finger to toss the ball down the lane. Give it a curve or toss it straight and true, its all up to you.

With unparalleled sound and graphics, you feel as though you are in your own personal lane.

300 Bowl is a fun way to play a quick 10 frames without renting an ugly pair of bowling shoes. The speed of the game is fast, with the ball quickly hitting the pins and there is not much downtime between shots.

The sound effects in the game add to 300 Bowls realistic feel, with the sounds of a ball rolling and pins being smashed and scattered. Play alone, against a computerized opponent or play a friend in two player mode, handing the phone off between turns.

View the full scorecard during a game or at the end of a game by tapping on the score display.”


WOW! (Enough Said)


On January 20, 2009

Kings Corners Promo Codes Awarded



I had the opportunity to review Kings Corners last week. It is definitely a mixed blessing since, on the one hand, it’s a superb game, while on the other, I spent way too much time playing it in the week since.

Thanks to the good folks at iLium we had three promo codes to share. I/we hope the three readers who just received promo codes enjoy it. And they go to…




If they look right below their name in the site login they’ll see the code waiting in our brand new WOiP messaging system!

Reminder to all promo code recipients- We’re giving out promo codes to some great apps to mark the start of the Developer’s Corner. PLEASE be sure to leave feedback here and on iTunes.

New In The App Store – Ustream



Ustream’s iPhone app for viewing live video on your iPhone or iPod Touch showed up last night. The app works quite well over WiFi and provides a picture quality that is certainly adequate for casual viewing. That’s the good news. The bad news is that, at least last night, there was nothing I could find that was really worth watching.

Fortunately, the app’s release comes just in time to watch the inauguration of the new American president today. Between 10 AM Eastern standard Time and at 3 PM there will be live coverage of the inauguration of the 44th president of the United States. A great day in the US that can be accessed from anywhere that has WiFi.

Hopefully the release of this new app marks yet another step in Apple loosening its grip over iPhone application censorship.

It does something far more, however. Bringing streaming video to the iPhone is yet another step toward being able to access all media all the time. Just as TiVo released us from having to watch television in real time, access to streaming video from the iPhone means access to all video not just at any time, but in any location.

It is more than a bit amazing to see how much things have changed since the device was released a little more than a year and a half ago.

 You can get it HERE in the App Store.

New In The App Store – Big Stone Phone’ SoundBite for iPhone/Touch


On January 19, 2009

Big Stone Phone, the developers behing Twitellator Pro have just introduced SoundBite. SoundBite is described as…

a do-it-yourself soundboard for your iPhone and iPod touch! With just one simple tap, record those little sound bites that will entertain your friends, punctuate a pause, or spice up an awkward moment. Soundbite is different from other soundboard apps in that you get to completely customize your sound collection. Make the sounds you want when you want, and have them to play back whenever you want!

– Record custom sound bites to entertain or provoke your friends!
– No limit on number of sound bites you can create
– Loop sounds for longer playback
– Play back many sounds at once
– Tag your sound clips with custom icons right from your camera or photo library!
– Beautifully designed interfaceMake you own sound bites for instant replay

The full press release after the break.

You can get it HERE in the App Store for $1.99.