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On January 31, 2009

I am I huge fan of WOiP and check it more often than any other iPhone feed by far (username: derickvaladao).  I recently bought Byline off your recommendation and really enjoyed it.  However, I started to dislike it for a number of reasons.  First, they rarely engage with their user community and updates are few and far between.  Second, their app is really slow when trying to handle a large amount of folders.

I recently went searching for a better app and stumbled across Feeds by prime31 software.  They launched their first version a while back and it wasn’t very impressive.  However, they have been updating it regularly and actively engaging with their customers to make the product better.  I purchased it last night and realized that it is better than Byline in a number of ways:

Quick Look From JAiB – Death Cab for Cutie App



Patrick over on JAiB was pretty excited about the Death Cab for Cutie app he stumbled upon. Turns out he found a great app AND a new band to enjoy.

Patrick can be a pretty critical critic when it comes to apps so when he writes…

Wow – the new Death Cab for Cutie iPhone app is very slick, very good looking, and very impressive. One of my first thoughts after discovering it tonight, is that *every* band should be producing an app like this – right away! If this isn’t a superb promotional tool then I don’t know what is…

…you KNOW it’s an app worth a look.

You can get the app HERE in the App Store.

You can check out Patrick’s full look HERE.

Pocket Informant – Status Update



A number of people have asked me about the status of what it is, at least for me, perhaps most eagerly awaited out yet — Pocket Informant.

The good news is that the WebIS website is showing an introductory price of just $12.95 (as steal IMO). (Plus we’ll have some promo codes to share early on for some lucky WOiP readers.)

As far as the app itself goes, over the past few weeks I’ve had the opportunity to use a number of different builds and it’s looking terrific. There have been some snags along the way with regard to sync with Google Calendar and Toodledo but things are getting worked out and… 

JAMM Reviews 7 Cities


On January 30, 2009

My buddy Doug Goldring just posted a complete (does Doug do any other kind?) review of 7 Cities. 

As he notes-

As the title suggests, this game consists of seven cities, which you must protect.  Each city is built on a river, which provides the only access to the city and its riches.  Waves of pirates (and some other creatures associated with the pirates) try to approach and overtake the cities.  Because this is a tower defense game, your job is to build towers to stop the pirates.  Let the fun begin!

You can read Doug’s full review over to JAMM




Deluxeware Bowling – Promo Codes Awarded



Our thanks to the good folks at Handmark Astraware for allowing us to give away promo codes to their latest game – Deluxeware Bowling.

Codes went to readers     nolefan93, jusclem, and MikeC.

You can get your copy for $.99 HERE.

App Update- Twittelator Pro and Twittelator Lite



The Twittelator  family just received updates yet again.

Twittelator  Pro v 1.6.2 features important stability fixes especially @friends work for quick picking in new tweets and for adding to Subgroups, which let you can track small subsets of your friends closely. A new app icon and calming splash screen, and the option to not play a sound when new tweets come in via autorefresh.

Twittelator Lite v 1.3 sports a new look familiar to Pro users, has page down and tap bar to page up, and works with apps like Sideways and Cocktails and other apps that can message Twittelator and Twittelator Pro via the twit:///post?message=<SOME_MESSAGE> API. You can send ‘ad hoc’ direct messages just by typing ‘d <USER_NAME>’. Important web stability fixes are also incorporated.

Get Twittelator Pro HERE and Twittelator Lite HERE.

Air Mouse Promo Codes Awarded



I’ve been getting  tremendous amount of use out of Air Mouse recenty. After an update it is even better than before. Readers ids, fooj, and djmaxwellhouse each received a copy of the app and we’ll look forward to hearing what they think. You can get your own copy HERE in the App Store.

Fast Tap Promo Codes



Fast Tap promo codes were given to WOiP readers…

SokViChet, BigGuy, ozron, lgbtech, nolefan93, akame

We look forward to hearing their feedback on this recently updated app.

App Update and Giveaway – Fast Tap Camera


On January 29, 2009

Archie was taken with Fast Tap Camera. I was "a simple idea well executed! "

His only complaint? "…it takes longer to save the picture to the camera roll than the original camera app."

No longer!

An update to the app…

– fixes all known reliability issues
– adds a self timer added
and most importantly,
– adds speed mode for taking 3.3 photos/sec. 

That means up to 50 photos in 15 sec.!


You can get Fast Tap Camera HERE in the App Store.

Readers andreweick, jamestylin and akame just received promo codes for it.

We have more to give out. For a chance to win one leave a comment below. Aquires GroceryIQ


On January 28, 2009

Here’s an interesting bit of news… has just aquired the iPhone app GroceryIQ. A new version of the app is in developerment and is set for a February release. The new version will include, among oher things, multi-store Coupon delivery.

Yet another step in the evolution of the iPhone and the apps in the App Store.

The full press release after the break…