New In The App Store – CrossbonesLite


On February 13, 2009

Daniel, one of the overlords at New Insect Overlords, has just informed me that a lite version of their hit brainteasing pirate-themed card game, Crossbones, is now available in the App Store. With CrossbonesLite, you can…

– Learn the basics in the detailed tutorial
– Play solo or against computer opponents of varying skill
– Adjust the game difficulty and get hints when you need them
– Hone your skills and stretch your brain with the challenging memory mode
– Customize your avatar using your own photo

AccuFuel Codes Awarded



Appigo AccuFuel codes were awarded to our readers  drewschoen byutanner akame.

Once again we than Appigo for making great apps and for all their support.

Rejected By Apple… Go Figure. NSFW



Farts apps, vomit apps, podcast apps…

There is no question Apple has lightened up on its App Store acceptance standards. Who knows exactly why (we have our suspicions) but things that would never have made it to your iPhone are now mixed in as part of the 20,000 (and growing) catalogue of apps you can use on your iPhone or Touch.

But just how far can you go???

A developer friend of WOiP’s decided to see if an app with no curses or nudity but heavy sexual overtones would make it in. Turns out… nope!

The app is not only NSFW- Not Safe For Work– but it is also NBBA- Not Blessed By Apple. (Nor should it be but it WAS a fun little experiment for him.)

While the reigns have been loosened a lot they haven’t been loosened THAT MUCH.

So you won’t be seeing this app any time soon anywhere but… after the break.

Reminder- it is NSFW.

Promocode Giveaway – StarTrader and opps!



Bret will be reviewing the app StarTrader and opps! from FPApps in the very near future. Even before the review, though, you can get copies. In fact, this will be a super quick giveaway that starts right now and ends mid-day tomorrow..

To enter check the details and leave a comment as to why you want the codes.

In The Devs Corner Now…


On February 12, 2009

Agent18 FlowerVest Cases Go To…



Agent18 FlowerVest cases will be going to…

 Mini Me   blue/blue

 jelleyhead  purple/pink

 byutanner  purple/pink

Reminder- Agent18’s sale goes on for three more days!

Agent18 Flowervest Case Giveaway


On February 11, 2009

Earlier this week we posted that Agent 18 was offering our readers a Valentine’s Day special on their FlowerVest case line. With the coupon code AgentValentine, WOiP readers will receive 40% off all FlowerVest cases for iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPod Nano and iPod Touch. Simply use the Coupon code: AgentValentine before February 15, 2009.

App Update – FlightTrack Pro



A new version of FlightTrack Pro was recently released and it adds a neat new feature– integration with TripIt (

FlightTrack Pro now enables travelers to view automatically synchronized flight itineraries on iPhone and iPod touch simply by forwarding airline confirmation emails to [email protected]

By integrating TripIt Travel Itineraries, Flight Tracker becomes even more useful to frequent flyers.

FlightTrack Pro automatically provides real-time flight cancellations, delays, gate changes, route maps, 10-day weather forecasts and more. Seamless itinerary synchronization thanks to the TripIt API makes sharing travel itinerary information among travel websites, travel suppliers, travel agents and related travel services possible.

FlightTrack Pro is available HERE in the iPhone App Store for $9.99 (US).

More at

AccuFuel Giveaway



AccuFuel is another great app from Appigo. AccuFuel Fuel Efficiency Tracker…

…makes monitoring your vehicle’s fuel efficiency simple and fun. Is your SUV guzzling gasoline? Is your hybrid saving you money? With AccuFuel, you’ll instantly see how your driving habits affect your fuel efficiency.

More info can be found on the Appigo site.

Thanks to Appigo we have a few copies to give away. To enter to win one just tell us you favorite roadtrip story!

Jennifer’s Touch- Posting Sans Notebook…



Hello everyone, this post is coming to you from my iPod Touch. I am doing this for several reasons;

1. My laptop is out of commission. Time to call in the big guns! Wayne is not able to make it work and all I seem to do is cause it to freeze even more then normal.
2. When our guy Dan was trying to convince to take this big step he said " you can even write your posts from the touch". So I figured it is a good time to test this "brilliant idea".
3. My favorite reason