On Sale – Top Astraware Games


On February 7, 2009

The good folks at Astraware let me know that the Handmark Games Studio has reduced several of their premium iPhone games.

The range of games includes Astraware Sudoku, Hellfire, Westward, and Platypus. and all are reduced to just $2.99 each.

It’s for a limited time to act fast. Look out for the Sale banners on the icons HERE.

Want Google Latitude?


On February 6, 2009


Want Google Latitude, the new service from Google that puts the final nail in the coffin of privacy?

No problem so long as you use…

Rotorumpus Promo Codes Awarded



Rotorumpus promocodes were awarded to our readers 

Mini Me

We hope they enjoy the game!

Iconic Notes Promocode Giveaway


On February 5, 2009

Last night we posted that Iconic Notes had just been updated to version 2.0. It is a great notes app and definitely worth the price.

Thanks to the app’s developer, Hoofien, a number of our readers will get copies for an even better price… FREE!

To enter to win a promo code leave a comment below regarding one way you have used your iPhone for SERIOUS work.

2.2.1 Woes??



Shortly after upgrading to firmware 2.2 .1 I noticed that my iPhone was remarkably sluggish. In fact, it locked up a number of times along the way.

I wasn’t sure, however, it was actually the firmware causing the problem since I am also currently running a number of different beta versions of applications, any of which might be causing some degree of issue. Well, after just getting off the phone with Brett it’s pretty clear that it’s the firmware.

Let us know how you like our New Toolbar!



We are happy to announce the launch of the new Whats On iPhone Toolbar!  Once installed, you will be able to get the latest news from the site, find out when new promo codes from developers are available, enter our new chat room, play with gadgets (games, youtube, NY Times, Tons of stuff), get email notification, find out the weather, and search the web.

Give the New WOiP Toolbar a Try!

App Update – iNews



I reviewed iNews version 1.1 yesterday and really liked it. Well today iNews got updated to version 1.2 and version 1.3 (with some degree of Google Reader sync) is expected next week!

Version 1.2 brings some nice new features to an already good RSS reader. Among them-

-The ability to always show or hide images

-The ability to auto scroll without taping the "Next News" button (I LOVE THIS FEATURE!!!!!)

– An audible noise to indicate that refresh is done

-and much more.


If you had’t already figured it out, I really like this RSS reader. This update brings some nice new features and the next update should be killer.

iNews costs $3.99 (well worth it!) and can be found HERE.

For a chance to win it for free simply leave a comment below!



App Update – Air Mouse



I love Air Mouse and especially love the fact that it keeps getting better and better.

While the "air mouse" functionality is kinda neat and works well, the app is great as a remote mouse and keyboard on its own even without the air functionality. The combination of it all is pretty amazing!

The version I looked at recently added words to the computer as you typed them on the iPhone. It worked well enough but is even better in version 1.5.1.

A small but important update now allows you to type out an entire sentence or paragraph on your iPhone before sending them to the computer to which the app is connected. It makes using your handheld as a keyboard even better than before. Fact is since my wrist surgery last month I find typing this way to be quite useful.

You can get Air Mouse HERE in the App Store for $5.99.

App Update – Iconic Notes



Iconic Notes is a great app for taking notes on the iPhone and iPod Touch. It is easy to use and powerful and, best of all, it just got even better.

An update to version 2 brings-

-A built-in web server to make synching notes to any web-connected computer a breeze

-New icon badges to mark notes as important

-4 new built-in notes icons and more

The app costs just $4.99. You can learn more or purchase it HERE.

Now Playing, Netflix – Simply Amazing!


On February 4, 2009

Oh, I remember the days of watching movies in the theatres! Having to drive by the movie theatre to see what was playing, either posted outside of the building or having to run inside to see the times and schedules. Wow, so many things have changed, hasn’t it?

If you are reading this, I will assume that you have an iPhone and you are yearning for what application you want to install next. Well, I can’t say that this will be the next application but I can tell you  one thing, “Now Playing” has definitely stepped it up a notch to rival the rest of the current movie applications out there (Flixter, Showtimes, etc.)