Update – Evernote


On April 1, 2009

As I have written on many occassions I am a huge fan Evernote and use it all the time. I have an Evernote personal account that I use numerous times each day, my staff is now sharing an Evernote account and finding it incredibly useful and our team over on Gear Diary has been using it too.

Evernote is a superb productivity tool and the more I use it the more I rely on it.

Evernote’s original iPhone app was quite good. It did the job but left much to be desired. Recent updates have brought a host of new functionality including some (but not total) ability to edit notes and geotagging.

This evening Evernote for iPhone was updated to Version 2.0. The new version adds some much needed functionality including…

Just Released – Daylite Touch


On March 31, 2009

The hits just keep on coming and the major apps just keep getting released. Today is quickly becoming a notable day in the App Store. First it was the release of Skype for iPhone and now this… Marketcircle’s Daylite Touch for iPhone and iPod touch is available immediately at Apple’s App Store.

According to Marketcircle,
Daylite Touch adds "mobility" to the powerful mix of features of Daylite business productivity software for 1-to-50 person businesses. With Daylite Touch, you don’t passively observe your business via remote email – you dive right in with the ability to assess, engage in and direct projects, sales opportunities, tasks, meetings, calendars and more from the palm of your hand.

The app looks fantastic! It brings Calendar, Tasks AND Contacts together in one place which is fantastic.

I had tried Daylite previously and was impressed by how powerful it was. I never started using it, however, because it did not integrate with my iPhone. Now it does and It is worth a fresh look. I just downloaded it and will give some impressions soon.

More info. – https://marketcircle.com/daylitetouch/

Additional images follow…

iSwap Faces Giveaway



Thanks to to good folks at Black Frog Industries we have five promo codes to give away for their neat iPhone image app iSwap Faces.

We’re going to fun this giveaway a bit differently than normal… To enter just leave a message below. We will randomly pick five winners Thursday morning at 10am EST. BUT… If you enter please agree to use the app to swap faces on a picture YOU TAKE and send both it and the swap to us to post.

That’s it, simple and fun… just like iSwap Faces.

çheck out our review HERE.

Skype For iPhone – First Impressions



As expected the official Skype for iPhone app just made an appearance in the App Store.

As a huge Skype user I’m pretty excited to give it a try. If you do let us know what you think.


I thought I would give a quick update after actually downloading the app… What a disappointment!

The app loaded beautifully. It looked great. It gave that familiar Skype login sound. It showed me my contacts. I was psyched!!!!!!

Then… I….. tried… to… make…. a… call..and… it…sounded… like…this…. sentence…. looks… choppy… as…hell.

Seriously, I called my office and got the answering machine and it was all impossible to understand. SERIOUSLY it was unusable.

I thought it might be my WiFi connection until…


Skype For iPhone – Tomorrow!


On March 30, 2009

I gave up my work landline at home a few years ago in favor of using my cell and Sype-out. Overall it has worked rather well for me. What I have wanted more than anything in this regard, though was the ability to use my iPhone as my Skype phone at home and then as my cell the rest of the time. There have been lots of promises along the way but nothing has really made VOiP work for me on myiPhone.

That changes tomorrow!

According to Reuters, eBay Inc, Skype’s owner,  is planning to launch its service for iPhone users on Tuesday.

The article notes-

Skype Chief Operating Officer Scott Durchslag said

"The No. 1 request we get from customers is to make Skype available on iPhone. There’s a pent-up demand."

One nice surprise is that..

Coming Tonight… DIRECTV’s DVR Scheduler App For iPhone


On March 29, 2009

I am thrilled to see more and more big players getting into the iPhone game in a variety of ways. The newest is DIRECTV whose DVR Scheduler App for the iPhone should be available just after midnight tonight.

The free app will, according to Eric Shanks, executive vice president of entertainment for DIRECTV,

"take the DIRECTV’s DVR Scheduler experience to an entirely new level with its incredible ease of use, amazing search function and great looking graphics.”

Details on the upcoming app and a preview video follow…

Tic Tac Mints – Now Even Lower In Calories


On March 28, 2009

Put this one in the "iPhone as touchscreen marketting device" column.

The makers of Tic Tac Mints have broken into the iPhone developement world with a new, free app that turns your iPhone or Touch into an oversized Tic Tac Box. With its no-button face the iPhone is a perfect candidate for Tic-Tac-ization.

Can’t live without your Tic Tacs?

It asks…

Now they are available in your iPhone. Shake them around, hear that famous rattle, choose your favourite flavour and "share" with your friends. But most importantly, have fun and shake it up a little!

When you start the app you get a quick peak at the various types of Tic-Tacs (I love the orange ones) and hear the typical "Tic Tac shake" sound. The app then defaults to peppermint (also a favorite) but with a flick of the finger you can change the flavor and, in doing so, the color.

The motion of the mints is somewhat slowed for some reason but the mints do fall, shake etc in a natural-seaming manner.

The app’s description promises

Watch this space for future announcements as well, as a very special upgrade will be coming your way very soon.

Can you say "Tic Tac Coupon"?

It is a fun little app that, were they to charge for it, would be a ripoff. Since it is free you might as well check it out here… Tic Tac®






reQall Redux – A Real Life Example


On March 27, 2009

I’ve been on a bit of a reQall kick the last few days and with good reason. The new Pro version of the service adds some amazing functionality and the new iPhone app works exceptionally well.

At just $2.99 a month the service has the potential to be invaluable for the busy professional.

All this noted, though, it is one thing to read about how useful a product or service is from the developers and quite another to actually SEE how useful it is in day to day life.

So I share this experience with all of you…

File Magic Giveaway



I reviewed File Magic a bit back and was rather impressed with it. Sure you need to run separate software on your computer in order to use the app, but setup is simple and using the appliation to move files from your Mac or PC to your iPhone or iPod Touch could not be simpler.

It works beautifully for many document, image and media files, most of which can then be accessed directly from within the app. Add to that a neat feature that lets you write emails on a laptop but send them from your iPone when there is no WiFi present and you have an app that is a whole lot more than just about file transfer and storage.

Well, the good folks at SplashData have given us three copies to give away. For a chance to win one describe one scenario in which File Magic might come in handy for you.

You can read our review HERE and get more information HERE.


Coming (Very!) Soon – Slingplayer For iPhone



Word is another big player is about to make its official App Store appearance.

Yup, Slingplayer for iPhone has apparently been submitted to Apple and should be showing up any minute now.

If you can’t wait you can grab a sneak peak HERE.



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