Update – Pano


On April 8, 2009

Pano was one of the first iPhone photography apps I tried. It opened a whole new world to me.

The ability to take a picture (or in this case a series of pictures) and manipulate them on the iPhone, on the go, in order to create a stunning panorama was amazing. It did much to overcome the camera’s innate limitations!

Well Pano has just been updated to version 3.0 and it is a significant update. With the new version-

Update – White Noise



There are a host of noise-generating apps available but one of the best is White Noise. The app just jumped to version 3.0 and it is an entirely different app… in a good way!








Web App Update – Google Mobile App


On April 7, 2009

I’m finding myself making my way back to Google’s web apps more and more and today there is even more reason for it-

A post over on Engadget gave the headsup that something new was going on with Google mobile. The Google Mobile Blog notes-

Coming Soon – Google Voice



There are a growing number of ways to make calls on the iPhone without having to directly go through AT+T’s service.

Fring recently updated their app (but is still a lesson in frusteration IMO).

Truphone works like a charm

And Skype is available through a variety of apps including Skype’s own native app.

And now this- Google Voice for iPhone is coming!

I have been using Google Talk more and more for chat and, most recently, voice and video calls. It works great!

Add to that the release of Google Voice (formerly Grand Central) which provides one number for all your phones and voicemail transcription and you have the makings of a superb communictions technology.

Now comes this app that brings voice-over-google to the iPhone. The app, which is apparently not from Google itself, seems to work well. We’ll keep you posted as details emerge but for now, check out this video…

Take a Guess! From Revolutionary Concepts and Collect3 Promo




…the makers of Picture and Video Safe.

Here we are again! Another promotion that we are going to run till the actual application is released. What is it? I don’t know! What does it do? I don’t know? Is it cool? I don’t know but I’m sure it will be because it is simply exciting! What is exciting? I don’t know?

Ok, basically, the way you enter is by replying to this post and take a wild guess as to what is going to be behind this door. What is behind this door? I don’t know! Wait, I do know something… this door is the intro screen when you first launch this “I don’t know” application.
If it’s anything like Picture Safe or Video Safe, it will definitely be something good! What is good? I don’t know!

I will tell you what I do know, reply now and within a matter of a couple weeks, the application should be released and the prize will be all three applications from Revolutionary Concepts.

1. Video Safe
2. XBMC Remote
3. Animal Snap!
4. XBMC Music Streamer
5. I don’t know…

That is a whopping total of 5 applications!

In addition, we will also give away 10 more of the new application (I don’t know what it is) to the 10 people who has the funniest guesses!

Final Round Of Pocket Informant Winners Announced



Thanks to Alex and the crew at WebIS there are a whole lot more WOiP readers using Pocket Informant now. The update path for PI is impressive and I can’t wait to see what the app brings as it matures. For now, however, it is already a super useful app that has made it to the bottom row of apps on my iPhone.

If you didn’t win a copy you can grab one here in the App Store.

The final winners in the WOiP Pocket Informant giveaway are…

What’s On (My) iPhone


On April 6, 2009

Over the weekend I was struck by how different my "FirstScreen" (those apps I need to access most frequently and/or quickly) looks now than it did just a few short weeks ago.

Many of the apps which had been there for months have now been replaced with others. Some of the current residents are new and replace one or more other apps. Others are apps I have had but now, thanks to recent updates, are better and more useful than ever. For example reQall is back, having bumped Jott after its recent update to Version 2.0.

I started writing up my list of "FirstScreen" apps but then realized there might be a more interactive way to go. I threw together this widget which depicts my current "FirstScreen". Take a look and, if so inclined, let me know what apps I am missing that you think belong there instead.

Pocket Informant Giveaway Winners Round 3



We just gave away five more promo codes to Pocket Informant.

There is one more round of giveaways and that will take place tonight. Leave a comment below as to why you want/need PI for a chance to win.

Once again, our thanks to Alex and his team over on WebIS for helping to make this happen.

And the codes go to…

File Magic Giveaway Winners



File Magic is a great app for moving files to and from your iPhone or Touch. It is, however, much more than that since it has a few more tricks up its sleeve. Details on all its functionality can be found here.

Our friends at SplashData have an impressive and growing library of iPhone apps. They provided us with three copies of File Magic to give away.

And the copies are going to…

WOiP Tip – Speed Up IMAP Gmail



Okay, in all fairness this isn’t a WOiP tip but more like a GearDiary tip from Wayne Schulz.

Wayne sent this email to the GD team a bit ago.

I’m perhaps the last moron on earth to figure this out.
Or maybe it’s all in my head (I’ve only been playing around with it this morning) But my iPhone is/was so slow at picking up email that I couldn’t understand what was going on. It would literally hang for 5 minutes (or until timeout) just checking for email.
I use Gmail. This morning I actually *read* the setup instructions for Google Labs advanced imap and was surprised to see that there was a spot to remove the checkmark next to Gmail different labels so that they wouldn’t be synched via iMap. Bingo!
Well I removed the labels and now my email is iPhone email is faster than ever (provided I have the advanced imap enabled in GMail labs). FWIW (for any other iPhone morons out there using Gmail with imap)

I have tons of labels in Gmail so I figured I would give it a try. Wouldn’t you know it… I tried it and it worked. Gmail feels MUCH faster now on both my Touch and my iPhone.

I hear my membership card for the iPhone Morons Club is on the way!