Joey Needs An iPhone…


On March 23, 2009

I have long seen myself as an iPhone evangalist.

I truly think it is the best handheld device available and, with each OS update it keeps getting better.

Sure, my wife went back to her Palm Centro after using an iPhone for a few weeks but, for the most part, my record of helping motivate people to make the move to iPhone has been pretty good.

In fact, I discovered yesterday that I’m having more impact than I thought. Here’s the set-up-

My sister’s kids, 7 year old twins, live in Boston but have been down a few times lately. When we go out to dinner I bring both my iPhone and Touch so one can use each. We went out to dinner and they went back o my parent’s house for the night. That’s when this exchange, reported by my sister took place…

iPhone 3.0 SDK Pre-dieu


On March 21, 2009

Apple has redeemed itself.

The iPhone 3.0 SDK is one of the most promising updates that have ever been announced. Not only does Apple seem to have taken some time to finally incorporate features that have been demanded by iPhone owners for almost two years now, but it has, I think, proven to be a consumer satisfaction-driven company as of this past Tuesday.

Oh, and the Palm Pre? Not an iPhone killer.

MakeMeSay Giveaway


On March 20, 2009

MakeMeSay is a simple but fun game that is similar to Taboo but without the big bulky box. 

I recently reviewed it and liked it a whole lot but warned…

do not play with sore losers as each person takes a turn holding your precious device and the things do not bounce when thrown in frustration.

At just $0.99 the game is fun, convenient and highly economical.


Well a new version with 1000 more words and 2 new categories is on the way. In advance of that we have a number of promocodes for this fun game. For a chance to win one just tell us your favorite boardgame.

Codes will be award tomorrow night. A big thanks to Jason at Egg White Studios.

Talk Mail Pro – Review



My Amazon Kindle2 received a firmware update yesterday that added the ability for publishers to determine whether or not the text-to-voice feature would be enabled.

To be honest, while I thought the voice-to-text was something I would never use I have already found it to be rather useful a number of times- robotic voice and all. It is, perhaps, this experience that made me so very excited to try out this app. I’m glad I did because it is nothing short of terrific!




CBS Sports Mobile March Madness On-Demand – Review


On March 19, 2009

In what is certainly one of the best examples of how the iPhone changes everything, the CBS Sports Mobile March Madness On-Demand application blows the doors off of other March madness apps while also opening up new used for the iPhone. Sure, it costs five dollars, but for five dollars you get the nicest, most polished interface I’ve seen and live access to all of the NCAA action over WiFi and audio over 3G. and Edge.

This is one of the few times recently when an app has truly made me excited!!!





It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year…




Among my all-time favorite commercials is the one for Staples that they run every fall in which the dad skips through the store because the kids are headed back to school and the music rings out…

"it’s the most wonderful time of the year".

For me, however, "the most wonderful time of the year" is now.

Yes it is the most wonderful time of the year and that wonderful time of year can last one day or number of weeks — it all depends how far Duke gets in the NCAA tournament.

Yes, it’s March Madness and I love it.

So I thought I’d take a quick look at a few apps that keep us up to date with all the action.


iPhone OS 3.0 Features Are…


On March 17, 2009

With over 1,000 new API’s for developers and over 100 new features for users, Apple’s new upcoming iPhone OS 3.0 is looking like the answer to many users wishes…  Some of the most interesting features…

Push Notification – Applications can use a third party server to push text, audio, and other alerts from applications.

MMS – Picture messaging

Peer-to-Peer Connectivity – iPhones can connect to one another using Bonjour over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.  Imagine sharing data between phones, or playing games.

Cut, Copy, Paste – need I say more?

A2DP – Stereo bluetooth anyone?

Turn by Turn – developers can use this for new GPS directions.

In-App Sales – Apps can sell upgrades, data, new levels, inside the app itself.

Search – System wide seach across all installed applications.

3rd Party Apps for Accessories – Accessory manufacturers can create applications that work and interface with their own hardware.

The new 3.0 OS is available to all registered developers immediately.  The upgrade will be available to iPhone users sometime this summer.

Apples full list of upgrades can be viewed here…

iPhone 3.0… What Are Your Predictions?



Cut andPaste? Background apps? New hardware?

Just a few brief hours until all is known.

Let’s see how savy all of us are.

In the comments section below leave your predictions to the following…

Love Child – Review


On March 16, 2009

Love Child is one of those fun "I don’t really need this application but it makes me laugh" photgraphy apps. The concept of this photography application is simple. The execution of it, however, is fun and works well.

You take two pictures and then, using the simple but effective controls, morph the images one into the other.

Using one slider you can smoothly morph between one image and the other. (It’s really funny) using another controller you can speed up or slow down the process of morphing.

Using a third slider (actually one slider serves double purpose) you can choose specific features such as the eyes or the mouse to swap out rather than the entire picture. And using a fourth option you can control the speed with which the two images were one into the other.

Like Juxtaposer, one of my favorite iPhone applications, Lover Child is a fun way to play with your pictures, make people laugh and, depending upon how far you go with it, lose friends and relatives.

I did one image of my niece Talia morphing from infant to 7 year-old and a second of her twin brother Joey. Both of the images were rather funny and I filmed them. Before posting them to the site, however, I realized that there is a lot to be said for my sister still speaking to me so instead of using the images of my niece and nephew to me give you a sense of what the application does using the stock video from the developers.

WundrBar Giveaway and…



As we posted last week, our friends at Wundrbar have rapidly risen in popularity in the apps tour. There’s a reason for that, it’s a good app. Thing is, they are smart guys and they realize that fame is fleeting in this world whether it be with the paparazzi or in the App Store.

So they’ve turned to us, or more accurately to you, for help. They’re already in the process of prepping the update to the application and they want to expand the offerings contained therein. They want want to add five new sites in each of these categories: shopping, news, travel, blogs, entertainment, tech, and misc/other..

And they need your help.

If you already have the app and like it helped to make it even better by suggesting new links for them to include. If you don’t have the app and would like to participate simply asked another what’s on my phone reader who has the application for a list of those services and stores provided an offer a few additional ones for the next version.

What’s in it for you? If you don’t already have the application, the possibility of winning a promotional code for it. And if you had the application already the opportunity to make an application you like even better.