Ilium Software’s 12th B-Day… And We Get The Present


On June 1, 2009

Ilium Software makes some excellent applications for a variety of devices. Among them is the superb eWallet. With it you can-

Store Your Information Securely, Never Forget Another Passwordt, Use Data Anywhere and even Personalize Your Wallet.

It is, in my opinion, a must-have iPhone app and… in celebration of their 12th birthday…it is on sale!

iNews – Now The RSS Reader To Beat



I have, admittedly, given a good bit of coverage to the RSS reader iNews.   I just like the news reader a whole lot and watching it evolve has been an absolute pleasure. It started out as a simple newsreader with basic functionality and a nice interface and has become a rather powerful newsreader that retains the simplicity of its early functionality or the complexity that comes with an advance mobile reader.

There’s another reason I’m such a fan of this application… I have never seen a developer who is more responsive to reader and reviewer input. For example, I e-mailed the developer shortly after one of the updates to suggest he added support for Read It Later. It showed up in the next update. And along the way I have been pushing hard with regard to the need for the application to support syncing with Google Reader. Each time I received not only an immediate response but a well considered rebuttal explaining why such syncing would slow the app too much. That is, I received such a rebuttal to the last time I pushed. That time he told me to wait and see what was coming. Well the new version of the application has just been released and it is now closer than ever to full sync with Google reader. It’s also on sale. Let’s take a look at the new version.

Update – Truphone For iPod touch


On May 31, 2009

When the iPod touch was first released it was a touchscreen iPod with WiFi and a browser. That was a long time ago!

Since then the touch has been transformed into a powerful, mobile internet device. It plays games, it lets you search the web with ease, it is a powerful email device and… it makes a great phone! At least when used with Truphone.

TopTens’ Top Ten iPhone 3 Rumors- May 30, 2009



At $1.99 Top-Tens strikes me as a dollar more than this type of app tends to run in the (overly) discounted App Store.

That noted, however, the app has a nice bit of special usefulness for the near future- it tracks the top ten iPhone 3 rumors and their likelihood.

What are they? Read on…

New In The App Store – Short Hand


On May 30, 2009

Here’s an app that is sure to get a good bit of use on my iPhone and Touch in the coming months.

Short Hand is a small utility that let’s you create and use macros in the same way that you do with application such as TextExpander lets you save time and keyboard clicks on a Mac.


Is THIS The New iPhone??? – News/Rumor Of The Day



MacRumors posted an awesome image of a supposed side-by-side of the iPhone 3G and the upcoming as yet not even announced iPhone 3G+.

iPhone Voice Note Transcription Tip


On May 29, 2009

I was thrilled a few weeks back when yet another app, QuickVoice Pro brought voice to text transcription. For me that is among the Holy Grail’s of productivity. Being able to simply speak and have your voice transcribed accurately is so much faster and easier than sitting and trying to type on a keyboard. This is particularly the case since I do not touch type and I permanently destroyed one of my wrists a few years ago.

Until now, though, the iPhone apps available limited notes to 30 seconds of transcription. This is the case with such applications as Jott, reQall and SpinVox. And when QuickVoice Pro added speech transcription they decided to use SpinVox’s technology and services and, as a result, are also limited to 30 second snippets. Don’t get me wrong, that’s a huge huge benefit to me, but 30 seconds is 30 seconds and I often have more to say than that.

Well there is now a solution that it works beautifully for voice notes of any length.

Update – GV Mobile


On May 28, 2009

I would normally do a quick post about an application update but this update for GV Mobile is so significant that it deserves an entire post in its own right. The application takes Google Voice and makes it a truly usable application/service on your iPhone or iPod touch. In fact, this app has now replaced the phone application at the bottom of my iPhone screen. Here’s why —

iSpeedReader – Review



When I was in fourth or fifth grade school offered me a rather unusual course once a week. For an hour at a time I would sit in front of the small machine with a screen and it would display some sort of text, a story or news article either word by word or sentence by sentence. After seeing the entire piece I would be asked a series of questions about what I just read. The key was that over time the speed with which the words or sentences were displayed was increased and as it did my ability to comprehend text more and more rapidly grew. The result of that course was that I’m now able to read very quickly with relatively high comprehension of what I’ve read. It came in handy in school and means that, when on vacation, I go through at least a book a day.

This application takes that same concept and puts it on the iPhone.

As WWDC Approaches Both News And Rumor Abound – News Of The Day



As expected, the approach of WWDC brings with it more than enough in both the news AND the rumor departments.

Among the news…

-iPhone CRUSHES the competition with regard to mobile web traffic

-AT&T promises faster speeds and, perhaps, better and more consistent connection quality

-Spare parts for the next iPhone make it more likely than ever that the new hardware is on the way

Among the rumors…

The next iPhone will be remaining VERY similar to the current one in physical design but the shiny, scratch-prone back will get a soft-touch finish. With luck it will be less prone to cracking than the TWO iPhones I had replaced when the area around the charge/sync connector split.

Details and links after the jump.