Does iPhone 3.0 Finally Get Apple The Longed For Invitation???


On June 15, 2009

The new hardware and OS 3.0 are about to have a radical impact on the iPhone. The new iPhone will have video, a better camera and be loads fast. OS 3.0 will include stereo bluetooth, landscape keyboard and global search.

All of those are HUGE, but perhaps the biggest change, if eWeek has it right, is that these new digs will finally get the iPhone an invitation to… the Enterprise Ball.

Bug Or BackPedal?


On June 14, 2009

Since last July reloading an app was as easy as "re-purchasing it" for free right on your iPhone. It would look just like any other over-the-air purchase except for one thing… it was free.

Then a few weeks ago developers running an early version of iPhone OS 3.0 discovered that when they tried this method a screen informing them that it was no longer possible would appear. Instead, the were told they could reload the app for free from a desktop or, if they needed to do it on the go they would have to repurchase it on their iPhone.

It had the potential to be more than a bit annoying.

Now word comes from appadvice (via Gizmodo) that this was "a bug" and will not be the case. A bug? A mistake? It was a polished pop up window that appeared every time you tried t reload an app. Now THAT is one polished bug!!!

Look, it is fantastic that we will still be able to redownload apps right on our handheld but I am left to wonder… does there come a point where there are so many lies that the people telling them stop knowing they aren’t true?

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait? Not If We’re Talking The iPhone


On June 13, 2009

As soon as the WWDC keynote was over again trying to get through to the website it would allow me to pre-order iPhone 3GS. Again and again and again I was kicked off the site and yet I continue to try. It reminded me of those days in high school  when I was dying to get tickets for a particular concert  and continually redial the number as quickly as I could until I finally got through.


Well, it’s a good thing that I did since patience is a virtue except when it comes to ordering a new iPhone.


It’s Baaack! iGoogle for iPhone Returns



I was bummed when Google pulled their iPhone (and Android) optimized version of iGoogle. I love iGoogle on my desktop and MacBook and find it a great way to see a whole host of information at a single glance. The iPhone version did the same although, with such a small screen it wasn;t QUITE the same…

Well, turns out Google wasn’t done with it… hey were retooling it. It is back… and better than ever.

Great Products and Great Ads… Nice!


On June 12, 2009

The next round of iPhone ads is starting to run to advertise the upcoming release of the iPhone 3G S. Apple knows only too well that they iPhones look exactly the same so they are working hard to make their message clear- same looks but big difference.

As usual, the ads for it a great. Take a look.

iSamurai – This Ain’t Your Daddy’s Light Saber!


On June 11, 2009

Remember when Light Saber was first released? It was amazing. The lights, the sounds, the fact that, thanks to the accellerometer it changed as you swung your iPhone… Amazing! For 27 seconds.

Then it was off the iPhone in order to make room.

Well, the next generaiton of "iPhone as sword" apps has arrived and it is a whole new ballgame sword fight.

iSamurai lets you use the iPhone to literally fight another person… let’s take a closer look.

Smooth Sailing Into 3.0?? Don’t Bet On It



A quick flashback to mid-July last year is all you need to be reminded of how quickly a fantastic and stable device can become a nightmare. The number of times I had to completely format and rebuild my iPhone after upgrading to Version2.0 is hard to imagine… but true.

More than once it promted me to think "If I wanted instability I would never have left Windows Mobile." (In fairness, WM is now quite stable… but when I first used it… not so much.)

The release of 2.1 was a welcome move that came just in time to keep me from jumping ship but nothing can erase the memories of those early weeks.

So it is a year later, Apple has learned from last year and the jump from 2.2.1 to 3.0 will be silky smooth. Right? Don’t bet on it.

UPDATED: Just A Reminder- Back Up Web-Based Data!!!



Thanks to my buddy Doug from JAMM and Gear Diary for this headsup…

If you visit Toodledo right now this image is all you will see. Apparently a major storm came through the town where the datacenter is located. A switch to backup power went bad and, in the process, all the data became corrupt. They are currently restoring from a backup but the sheer volume of data means it will take a while.

I love Toodledo, think it is a superb service and hope they are back on track soon. I feel for what the folks there are dealing with. But situations like this also raise concerns. You see, Toodledo is the engine that powers not only their own app but many Todo users and Pocket Informant’s task management on their iPhone app. Many of us swear by it.

Episodes such as this are reminders that we can’t just rely on the service to protect our data… We still need to export/back up ourselves. It is also why, when given the choice, I always prefer "hybrid web apps" like Evernote that also have a desktop client that stores all your data locally.

We wish Toodledo luck and hope to find them back on line in the morning.

— Post From My iPhone


Update- Still down as of June 11, 2009 10:43 AM. I really feal for the folks over there. A GREAT lesson for us all.


iLuv Debuts New iPhone 3G S Accessories


On June 10, 2009

iLuv has already announced the upcoming availability of some nice accessories for the new iPhone 3G S.
Among the options available are a number of cases and a windshield mount that includes a power kit, as well.
The full press release with details and pictures follows…

The Case Of The iPhone 3GS Case



One of the biggest surprises this past Monday was the fact that the new iPhone looks so similar to the prior generation model because it is exactly the same.

Personally, I’m not thrilled. Twice I had to return an iPhone 3G when the area around the dock connector began to crack. My prior year’s experience is good reason for taking out additional insurance if it is available.