A Rumor I Would Love To Believe But…


On June 6, 2009

Every now and then a rumor comes along that you KNOW isn’t correct. You KNOW it. You REALLY REALLY KNOW it.

And yet… you so want to believe that maybe, just maybe, your head is entirely wrong and the rumor is somehow true.

THIS is one of those rumors….


With WWDC Days Away It’s Time To Play… Hardball


On June 5, 2009

With WWDC just a few days away there are a few things about which we can be sure.

1. The rumors will fly.

2. The rumors that get too close to home will be hit with some serious hardball responses.

Case in point… the Australian site MacTalk’s Talk of the end of life for the 16GB iPhone.

WWDC-4… It’s Frenzy Time…



The feeding frenzy has begun and it is INTERESTING. Let’s take a look at the latest and greatest.

Is the next iPhone to be called with iPhone Video? This grainy image is making its way across the web and seems to suggest it. It would be a good name for the next gen iPhone since video, if it has it, will be one of the huge added features.

And then there is this image…

iPhone 3G+ – How Soon Is Soon?


On June 4, 2009

Okay, so we all know that new hardware is coming. We’ve heard the rumors, seen the spyshots and have Uncle Walt Mossberg stating that it is on the way in no uncertain terms. So that leaves two questions. First, what will the ACTUAL specs be? Second, WHEN????

The first question can be answered definitively. We’ll know the specs of the new handset when Apple’s good and ready. There can be all the leaks in the world but until Apple actually unveils the thing it is all guesswork. Period. Hopefully WWDC IS when Apple is good and ready but we’ll know for sure if that is the case… when Apple is good and ready.

The second is harder to answer.

Mossberg On The Upcoming iPhone



In his review of the new Palm Pre, the first real competitor to the iPhone, Walt Mossberg has what just might be a slip of the tongue when he references the new hardware Apple is announcing. While we all EXPECT new hardware he speaks of it as a lock.

Just a slip of the tongue that should have included "might reveal new hardware", "may be announced" or "widely expected new hardware"?

You decide.

My bet? Like the Pre that he has already been using for weeks he has already has his hands on the new iPhone. Can you say "jealous"?

Video proof (with some added editorial edits) follows…

The Killer Feature Of iPhone OS 3.0 Revealed


On June 3, 2009

Lost in the shuffle of excitement as WWDC approaches is the most exciting feature of the coming iPhone update.

Sure, it is thrilling to see cut and paste, push notification and stereo Bluetooth coming (and the list goes on and on). All of them are features we have long awaited and all will help push the iPhone into the next phase even with a hardware update that increasingly looks to be incremental rather than earth-shaking.

None however are THE feature that really matters. In fact, no one seems to be writing about the truly groundbreaking feature of iPhone 3.0 even though it is the feature that has the potential  to change everything. It is not an understatement to say that this overlooked feature is the one that will help push the iPhone so far past it’s next nearest competitor that catching up will be exponentially more difficult than ever before.

What is that feature? It is no secret… no prediction… no educated guess. No it is something Apple came right out and told us would be coming. That feature????

Astraware Releases Latest Game – Phaze


On June 2, 2009

The creator of GTS World Racing and Hellfire brings a new game to the iPhone and Touch. Phaze is a highly-anticipated futuristic racing game for iPhone and iPod touch that just became available. 

Phaze lets you …


The SIMs for iPhone/iPod Touch Set to Launch



One of the most highly anticipated games to be released for the iPhone and iPod Touch is about to hit the iTunes App Store world wide.

Just made available in Australia, Asia, and the UK The SIMs is set to be released in the U.S. App Store Tuesday June 2nd.

Not 1, Not 2. Not 3 But 4 Flavors of iPhone Coming??? (Rumor Of The Day)


On June 1, 2009

Not 1, Not 2. Not 3 But 4 different iPhone capacitites are on the way?

That’s the word from Engadget this afternoon. Here’s what they have to say…

Best Buy All But Confirms New iPhones On The Way… And SOON



They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

In this case perhaps it ought to be "A Picture Is More Valuable Than A Thousand Rumors"…

Here’s the picture… draw your own conclusions.