Download Ninja Chicken Android apk


On January 29, 2013

Arcade games are not hard to find on Android play store. There are countless arcade games with various themes to keep you hooked to your phone. But very few games are there that will not only entertain you with humor but also let you enjoy the thrill of arcade theme. Ninja Chicken is one such […]

Download Tank Hero Android Apk


On January 25, 2013

Battle Tank Games used to be fun to play on console and now these games are being ported to mobile platforms. Though there are many tank theme action games, you’re not going to find any 8-bit 1947 tank type games on any of these mobile platforms. Tank hero is one good battle tank game that […]

Download Galaxy Pool Android Apk

Character guiding type of games are fun to play If there are interesting challenges in it. Galaxy Fun is one such game that has some interesting challenges to solve. Though It may not be too fast with challenges like other games but It has some decent levels that makes you think while playing the game. […]

Editor’s Choice: Top 5 Android Apps Of The Week


On January 18, 2013

As a Google fan, a Droid Razr Maxx owner, and an Android enthisiest I find myself spending more than my fair share of time in the Google Play Sore. Apps, Music, Books, Magazines, Movies, & TV Shows… I do it all. While my wife has a tendency to call this an addiction, this site enables […]

Download Slice Fun Android apk – a fun adventure puzzler

If you like playing adventure and puzzle type games then Slice Fun game is worth taking a look at. It is free of cost game so you have nothing to lose. You can Download Slice Fun Android Apk from Google Store. This free game is from Halkani Games given without any strings attatched. You don’t […]

Download KeePass Android App apk


On November 23, 2012

Surfing becomes difficult on touch devices If you spend a lot of your time typing login information on every social network and the portals which require you to login to access the content. Password managers are quite handy in such situations because you get to choose harder passwords and also keeps them in encrypted location. […]

Download Spirits Android App apk


On October 26, 2012

There are very few good puzzle games worth downloading from Google Play market. Most of the Puzzle games are either short on fantasy and more stressed on physics. Though not all physics games are easy to play for kids and adults because of the difficulty levels. You will find Games like Spirits are much light […]

Download Evernote Android App apk


On August 6, 2012

Note taking is one of the habit that helped me solve a lot of memory problems in the past. I realized that I have collected a huge chunk of notebooks while jotting down notes while traveling or before going to sleep. Now that we have computers, taking notes and organizing them is lot easier. All […]

Download TuneIn Radio Android App apk


On August 2, 2012

I listen to on-line radio stations in order to keep up with the latest singles in the trance genre. Radio stations like, are popular radio stations for listening to electronic music. If you love listening to radio channels then I am sure you will enjoy TuneIn Radio App. Though there are plenty of […]

Download Zynga Poker apk


On July 10, 2012

Texas hold’em poker game is quite popular game on Android game charts. There are many versions of this poker game. Zynga Inc decided to make their own version of hold’em poker game and their version is listed under name- Zynga Poker apk. It is now one of the highest downloaded poker game on Android. Though […]