SingTel to publish voice recognition similar to Siri


On October 28, 2011

SingTel, one of Singapore’s largest telecommunication companies has decided to launch an application similar to Siri which may bring competition to the voice recognition system native to the iPhone 4S. The application will be called DeF!ND and is catered mainly to Singaporean users.

Sprint: iPhone to be very profitable in the long run


On October 27, 2011

The iPhone has not only brought in big bucks to Apple but also to other companies as well, specifically speaking the telecommunication carriers. This has been said by Sprint, one of the few companies that are selling the iPhone in contracted plans.

iPhone 4S is the pioneer phone for Bluetooth 4.0


On October 24, 2011

The iPhone has achieved many extraordinary feats such as the launch of Siri, a voice control program built into the device. It is also one of the few world phones (can run on both GSM and CDMA network) that are available in the planet. However, those aren’t just the things that the iPhone has given […]

Customers in 22 countries can now pre-order iPhone 4S


On October 23, 2011

The iPhone 4S was made available only on a handful of countries such as the US, UK, Australia, Canada and a few others which means that there are a lot more countries that still have to wait before they can get their hands on Apple newest iPhone device. However, customers in more than 22 countries […]

iPhone 4S costing only $188 for Apple


On October 20, 2011

It’s amazing how much that tiny device would cost its company that is selling it. Based on a market research done by IHS iSuppli, the 16GB iPhone 4S costs only $188 without taking the labor cost into consideration but nonetheless it is an amazing figure considering that the unlocked phone would cost its user at […]

iPhone 4S is to be made available to small US carrier C Spire


On October 19, 2011

Not many people have heard of the name C Spire or formerly known as Cellular South. A lot of people aren’t aware simply because this is a regional carrier that caters only to a small part of the US namely the Mississippi, Memphis Metropolitan Area, several areas of Alabama and a few other places. It […]

iPhone 4S racked in 4 million units in sale


On October 17, 2011

4 million. That is the magic number on the amount of iPhone 4S devices sold during its first weekend since its debut on the 14th of October. This number is more than double than the amount of iPhone 4 sold during its debut last year. This number comes as to no surprise to many because […]

How the iPhone 4S is a lot better than the iPhone 4


On October 16, 2011

The iPhone 4S is technically a drastic improvement from its predecessor which is the iPhone 4. Aesthetically however, the two phone cannot be distinguished from one another as they are of the same dimension and look.

Teardown of the Apple iPhone 4S


On October 15, 2011

The iPhone 4S has successfully released on the 14th and demands for the device is soaring. Some buy the phone early because they have been anticipating for it while others try to make money of it, or destroy it in the case with iFixit.

Apple confuse some orders of iPhone 4S in Australia, delivered two weeks late


On October 14, 2011

In London Store Covent Garden has sold iPhone 4S coded terminals instead of decoded and everything seems to be a problem to those who supplied terminals to Apple. Unfortunately, Apple has made a second mistake in Australia where those who have bought an iPhone 4S online will not receive it today, as Apple said initially, […]