Apple 7th March Event


On March 6, 2012

7th March is just around the corner and in fact, the date is an important one to the tech world because that is the time when Apple will release a new device to replace its current tablet. The conference held in the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts theatre is the place where hundreds if […]

25 billionth app download winner announced


On March 5, 2012

Everyone was definitely looking forward to know the person which managed to be the 25billionth downloader on the Apple App Store. This is because the counter on which was present in the contest page turns around so very quickly that it made people unsure whether they were the 25 billionth or not. Nevertheless, as stated […]

Apple App Store reaches 25 billion downloads


On March 3, 2012

Previously, we have covered on how Apple App Store is doing so well with the number of downloads and apps present inside. In fact, Apple has been reaching a lot of milestones and it is certainly the first to have reached a feat of having billions of downloads from an app store. Its competitors such […]

AT&T throttles unlimited users after 3GB usage


On March 2, 2012

The story between AT&T and its unlimited data users never seem to be coming to an end but apparently AT&T has reviewed its unlimited data plans. As a result, users will still be able to use unlimited amount of data but they will also experience throttled speeds once they have reached the limit of 3GB […]

Possibilities of multiple devices in Apple iPad launch


On March 1, 2012

7th March is the date that so many people are looking forward to. This is because the company behind the revolutionary products such as iPad, iPhone and a few others will be releasing an upgrade to its already successful device, the iPad. With this being said and done, this soon-to-be-released device will be the third […]

Apple announcing iPad 3 event on March 7th


On February 29, 2012

iPad 2 has definitely been in the market for a bit too long as people are already waiting for a new and better version of the current iPad. However, those that are waiting for the launch of the new and updated version of the iPad need to wait no further. This is because Apple is […]

Signs of iPad 3: Best Buy cutting iPad 2 price by $50


On February 28, 2012

It is only in rare incidence that the prices of any Apple products are cut by a large amount. One of the possible cases would be due to the launch of a new product soon. That is why when Best Buy decided to cut the price of the iPad 2 by $50, it does mean […]

What happens to the tweak and applications purchased from the App Store and Cydia after a restore?


On February 25, 2012

Many of those who have just purchased an iPhone, iPod Touch, an iPad tablet or a Mac and have started to buy applications from the App Store are wondering what happens to the applications they bought from the store when they do a restore (reinstallation of the operating system). The answer is quite simple: all […]

Messaging apps costing carriers billions


On February 24, 2012

Previously, the normal method for getting in touch with one another is through SMS but now, with everyone using a smartphone with data plans, that might not be the case anymore. This is because now, applications such as Whatsapp or BlackBerry Messenger rules over SMS as these are cheaper if not free as compared with […]

iPhone causes T-Mobile to lose subscribers


On February 23, 2012

We’ve always been aware of how prominent the iPhone plays a role in the market. In the case of telecommunications companies, it can also make or break the company because there is a large chuck of subscribers that uses iPhone instead of any other phones in the market. In the case of T-Mobile, the iPhone […]