All we know and what they say about the sixth generation of iPhone – Part 2


On January 28, 2012

Here you can see the part 2 of this article. Hardware The current iPhone 4S was noted at the outset from its top performances on the processing and graphics, so the future of the iPhone is practically forced to leave the ramp with a configuration to match or exceed that of competing phones. Given that […]

All we know and what they say about the sixth generation of iPhone – Part 1


On January 27, 2012

Apple, as accustomed us since 2007, makes every year an iPhone, and each generation is sold in several versions. They are differentiated by storage capacity (8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB or 64 GB) and starting with iPhone 4 it was sold in theme colors (White/Black). In 2012, to be launched the sixth generation of […]

Apple surprised by the incidents from Beijing


On January 23, 2012

Friday Apple tried to launch iPhone 4S in China but the launch was greeted by speculators who fight in front of Apple store, they began to throw with eggs in the store door and finally were arrested by the police that came to the location. The police decided to make those from Apple to postpone […]

AT&T stops its unlimited data plan, throttles its top 5% users


On January 18, 2012

There is no such thing as unlimited especially when it comes to data plans. Apparently, AT&T users will be experiencing this first hand as AT&Thad recently removed its data plans but allowed its current users to continue. However, now those that are still subscribed to the unlimited data plans will have their speeds throttled if […]

iPad 3 rumoured to be announced on March


On January 14, 2012

The iPad 2 has been around for quite some time but its performance is still one of the best in the market. However, like all Apple’s iOS devices, it will be replaced with a newer version on an annual basis. The iPad is no difference as there are already rumors stating that a new version […]

The day where smartphones were revolutionized: Happy 5th birthday iPhone!


On January 10, 2012

5 years ago on this exact date, an important keynote address was done by the late Steve Jobs. As he goes on, he announced a device that would revolutionize the method of how smartphones would be and thus the iPhone was born. The first iPhone was a 2G device but what was amazing about it […]

Future iPhone/iPad to come with quad-core chips


On January 6, 2012

The NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor which will soon be available on the ASUS Transformer Prime as well as a few other tablets in the future has a quad-core processor. In fact, the Tegra 3 was the first quad-core processor in the market. With the specification already being better than the one present in the iPhone […]

IOS 5.1 doesn't solve the call-problem ??from your iPhone


On January 4, 2012

If you have an iPhone 4S then it is likely that at least once to be having problems with calls made ??from your device. I still have problems with sound during calls but for some problems related to closing a call or initiate sound a few minutes after starting it.

Apple sends cease & desist notices to Apptrackr


On January 1, 2012

A lot of jailbreak iPhone users would know about Apptrackr which is one of the biggest and most complete website when it comes to getting pirated iOS applications. In here lies the links to probably a huge array of applications which could be downloaded for free instead of getting them paid through the App Store.

Apple to have facial recognition feature in future iOS devices


On December 30, 2011

Siri has definitely been one of the best features that Apple has put into in its iPhone series as it is unique only to the iPhone 4S but with each new device coming out each year, there is bound to be something new that distinguishes the devices that Apple make with all the other smartphones […]